Ebola ‘devouring everything in its path,’ – former UN rep calls Ebola “Latter Day Plague” that is growing exponentially

September 2014Liberia, AFRICA – The death toll from the worst Ebola outbreak in history has risen to almost 2,300 and is accelerating, as a government minister in the worst affected country warned the disease was “devouring everything in its path.” The World Health Organization said on Tuesday the death toll had rapidly escalated to 2,296 out of 4,293 cases in five West African countries, and was expecting thousands of new cases in Liberia over the next three weeks. At the UN in New York, Liberia’s minister of national defense, Brownie Samukai, warned that his country was facing catastrophe as it battled against the disease. “Liberia is facing a serious threat to its national existence. The deadly Ebola virus has caused a disruption of the normal functioning of our state,” he told the UN Security Council. “It is now spreading like wild fire, devouring everything in its path. The already weak health infrastructure of the country has been overwhelmed,” he told the 15-member council, adding that the initial international response was “less than robust.” Liberia has recorded 2,046 cases resulting in 1,224 deaths. Guinea has 862 cases and 555 deaths, Sierra Leone 1,361 cases and 509 deaths, Nigeria 21 cases and 8 deaths and Senegal 3 cases – one confirmed and two suspected. The WHO’s director of disease, Sylvie Briand, told a meeting in Geneva that it believed the figures were underestimated, especially in Liberia.
Latest data released by the WHO indicated that while the outbreak has been gathering pace for months, about 60 percent of Liberia’s cases and deaths occurred within the last three weeks. Meanwhile, the top UN envoy in Liberia says at least 160 health workers have contracted Ebola and 80 have died in the epidemic. Karin Landgren, the former UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Liberia, called the outbreak a “latter-day plague”’ that is growing exponentially. She told the UN that most health workers had gone for long stretches without proper protective equipment, training or pay. Al Jazeera’s James Bays, reporting from the UN in New York, said it was the first time the UNSC were discussing the matter, illustrating that Ebola was rapidly becoming a security threat. A shortage of doctors and nurses to care for these patients is being exacerbated by the sheer number of health workers becoming infected. But that shortage may also be the reason they are getting infected, experts say. “The fact that people that are highly trained are getting infected is because the number of cases is bigger than the bed capacity,” said Jorge Castilla, an epidemiologist with the European Union’s Department for Humanitarian Aid. –Al Jazeera
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5 Responses to Ebola ‘devouring everything in its path,’ – former UN rep calls Ebola “Latter Day Plague” that is growing exponentially

    • They’re saying the patient tested negative on the 2nd test. Obviously, it was a strong suspected case, for the CDC to get involved and administer/validate the second test. You have to wait a few days before administering a second test.


      For the record, Dr. Kent Brantly’s (the American doctor infected with Ebola) first test came back negative for both Malaria and Ebola.

      Your vigilance is deeply appreciated. Thanks for staying alert


      • Jacqueline Nevinger says:

        Alvin, Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, I’ve read that it’s not uncommon to have the first test negative. So, if the second test is negative then it’s for sure the patient isn’t infected? No chance it’s Ebola? It would be a disaster if it got to Haiti! It was the first thing I thought of when the news said Miami. I wondered if the person was Haitian? Probably not. West African connection likely. Love your blog. I have been reading it for some time. (Just recently started posting.) When you would go for a longer time between posts I always kept checking back to see if the blog had been updated. Take Care, thank you, and God Bless You! Jacquie

        Sent from my iPad



      • Sure thing, Jacqueline N.


  1. freethinker says:

    MABUS = MArBurgvirUS = Ebola

    The Ebola virus is related to the Marburgvirus, which is a deadly hemorrhagic fever virus. Marburgvirus was first described in 1967 during small epidemics in the German cities Marburg and Frankfurt. Clinical symptoms of Marburgvirus are indistinguishable from Ebola.

    In the 1500s, the French seer Nostradamus predicted Mabus will be the third antichrist (global mass murderer). He also predicted the names of the first two antichrists Hitler and Napoleon. His predictions about Mabus are shown below:

    Mabus will soon die, then will come, [1]
    A horrible undoing of people and animals, [2]
    At once one will see vengeance,
    One hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet will pass. [3]

    NOTES ON C2 Q62
    1. Ebola kills quickly, and its current death toll is rising exponentially.
    2. Ebola kills humans and some animals.
    3. Newsworthy Comet ISON passed by earth in November 2013. Already, global water shortages and famine are growing due to climate change – and are causing thirst and famine.

    The antichrist very soon annihilates the three [1],
    twenty-seven years his war will last. [2]
    The unbelievers are dead, captive, exiled; [3]
    with blood, human bodies, water and red hail covering the earth. [4]

    NOTES ON C8 Q77
    1. The three superpowers (US, Russia, and China) will collapse due to Ebola.
    2. The global Ebola pandemic will last 27 years.
    3. Islamic extremists (unbelievers) will be killed, imprisoned and exiled, to prevent them from controlling what will remain of civilization.
    4. The four notable things that will cover earth are:
    Blood. Ebola causes severe internal and external bleeding.
    Human Bodies. Already corpses of Ebola victims litter some streets in Africa.
    Water. Already there is flooding due to climate change.
    Red Hail. Nuclear fallout? Or a reference to Ebola’s hemorrhagic rash (red spots) covering human bodies that will litter the earth?

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