Record rainfall floods Phoenix, closes roads and schools

Phoenix Rain
September 2014 ARIZONA – A major storm packing heavy rains pounded the Phoenix area early on Monday, forcing schools to cancel classes and closing roads including sections of two major freeways. The downpour brought chaos to the morning commute for many, turning some highways into lakes, with officials saying parts of both Interstates 10 and 17 were shut to traffic. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer declared a statewide emergency for areas affected by the severe rainfall and flooding. “Non-essential state employees should stay home today. If you must travel, please do so with caution & BE SAFE!”A record-setting 3.29 inches of rain landed on Sky Harbor International Airport, beating the 2.91 inches that fell in September 1939 for the most rainfall in a single day in Phoenix.  One city on the southeast outskirts of Phoenix saw more than 5-1/2 inches of rain. “We’ve made it through the worst,” Mark O’Malley, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Phoenix, said late on Monday morning. “We’re probably done for the day for most of the Phoenix area.” He said the moisture-heavy air lingering over metropolitan Phoenix will mean a roughly 30 percent chance of rain for Tuesday, followed by a drying trend over the next few days.
At its peak, airport officials reported that flights were delayed for 25 minutes and roughly 20,000 people were without power from the deluge because of downed power poles and lines throughout the Phoenix area. Multiple schools in the Phoenix area canceled classes for the day, and others pushed back the start of the school day until later in the day. Local television stations broadcast footage of severe flooding, with some abandoned vehicles nearly completely submerged. As of late morning, the cars were shown being towed away off the highways. Authorities said several people were rescued from vehicles trapped by the flood water, and that the roof of a grocery store partially collapsed in the storm. There were no injuries. In southern Arizona, authorities also reported flooded streets from rains that swept through the area. –Reuters
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9 Responses to Record rainfall floods Phoenix, closes roads and schools

  1. Denise says:

    Mother Nature is letting us have it.


    • tom says:

      She sure is , to be quite honest with you we deserve it. I feel bad for the people that actually care about her, but the majority of us humans use and abuse Mother Earth. I just wish she would target the corporate executives directly ! Take care and God Bless you all. I do appreciate all that you guys do


  2. niebo says:

    Don’t quote me on this, dudes, but, like, I think “Phoenix (Pu-honix)” and “flood” are, like, contradictions in terms; the two NEVER exist in the same, er, plane, or whatever. CO-existence is NOT possible. So, this story must be false. It’s like, floating rocks: not possible according to physics (puh-hysics). Yeah?


  3. Christopher says:

    MCC was closed today, I have seen storms, but this was crasy. tstorms started about 2:30 am continued until 9am. I am from Mesa, a suburb of Phoenix.


    • cowboyz623 says:

      I live in phoenix,az and that was one crazy storm we had . This hasn’t happened in phoenix since 1914. Its a sure time of “The End Times”. The lord is coming so I hope you guys are prepared because I am.


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