Giant sink-hole near Cowshill in Northeast England ‘could keep growing’

Sinkhole UK
August 2014UNITED KINGDOMA giant sinkhole that has opened up on farmland in County Durham has continued to cause increasing concern as it threatens to get bigger, a landowner said. John Hensby, 71, from Cowshill near Bishop Auckland, said he had been warned the 110ft (35m) wide chasm would grow. It opened up on Mr Henby’s land, above an old lead mine, about 260ft (80m) from his house. –BBC
Growing: A 30-metre (100ft) wide sinkhole has opened up in county Durham in the north-east of England, and it is so deep that its bottom cannot be seen. The gaping void, thought to be the result of mine workings, was discovered on Thursday by Sam Hillyard, a Durham University academic, at Cowshill, in the rural area of Weardale – and it has since grown three times as big. The 39-year-old had been out shooting rabbits and was returning to her home when she noticed the hole. Hillyard’s partner, John Hensby, a 71-year-old retired sales trainer, said: “Sam came back and she was looking quite shocked. She told me that a hole had appeared and I said I best go and have a look. At the time, it was about five meters round. Throughout Thursday night it got bigger and bigger until it was about three times that size on Friday morning. It is about 35 meters wide and you can’t see the bottom of it. The sound was phenomenal. We could hear rumbling and smashing and crashing from down below – all of these great lumps of earth were falling in and falling in. If one of the dogs or the sheep fell in we would never see them again. The couple fear the coming rain will make the hole bigger still.” –Guardian
contribution Dr. P. Sword
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5 Responses to Giant sink-hole near Cowshill in Northeast England ‘could keep growing’

  1. News says:

    Wow, that’s huge!!!


  2. S. Ellison says:

    An ideal land fill site ! This guy will makes millions !


  3. thetruthisstrangerthanfiction says:

    Man… What is UP with all of the sink-hold stories that have been coming out over the last year or two…?? Do you really think there has been a marked increase in sink holes globally, or is it one of those cases of it only being the amount they are now being reported on increasing? I know these things have been documented throughout the past century or longer, but it DOES seem like there is a marked increase in their frequency and size, and sink-holes are just one of those “gawk-factor” things that humans can’t seem to not want to look at, so I find it hard to believe that sink holes like these could’ve been happening all along on a regular basis and no one felt it was news worthy… I mean, huge holes suddenly opening up in the ground are the kind of things people tend to notice and write news articles about!

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  4. Critical Thinker says:

    If you consider Neil Adams ‘expanding earth’ theory, the occurrence of sinkholes makes perfect sense. Watch this video of the earth as it was smaller and how the continents fit exactly together. As to why the recent increase of sinkholes occurrences, however…well that is a mystery, unless there is a sudden excelleration of expansion underway.

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  5. Alice says:

    Pity it wasn’t a sink hole underneath the houses of parliament.
    All those stuffy brandy prawn guzzling politicians could sink away with it!


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