Police searching for a California man with drug resistant tuberculosis

August 2014CALIFRONIA This man’s illness is so serious that there was a warrant issued for his arrest. The young man, age 24, named Agustin Zeferino recently decided to stop treatment for his highly contagious disease. What are we talking about, a drug-resistant form of tuberculosis. He hadn’t been seen at treatment for two weeks according to Santa Barbara County Public Health Officials. He has the most dangerous form of tuberculosis, which can be fatal if not treated. It is unclear at this time why he decided to discontinue his medical treatment. Drug-resistant tuberculosis is a very rare form the disease and is highly contagious. It is easily spread by coughing and sneezing. This is the second time a warrant has been issued for a tuberculosis patient refusing their treatment. In fact just last month Eduardo Rosas Cruz, 25 years of age, was arrested in Fresno.
Public Health officials said it is common for patients to disappear for a short time, but said they generally return before any legal action is taken. If an extended period of time has gone by, than Public Health Officials work with District Attorneys when deciding whether to press criminal charges or not. The drug-resistant form of tuberculosis generally takes 18-24 months of treatment, but is curable. Treatment cannot be forced upon a patient by law. The only power Health Officials have is to use the courts to try and isolate the patient from the public. Up to this point they have not been locate the missing 24 year old man. They are doing everything they can to find him and ensure the health and safety of the public. This disease is very serious and Public Health official hope to find him before anyone else has a chance to get infected. –Dumb Out
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6 Responses to Police searching for a California man with drug resistant tuberculosis

  1. Aeon PiPHLO says:

    OK this is a big.. one.. I know for a fact that these people are not isolated in JAIL.. they are released to the general public inside.. So what is really happening here.. are these people being arrested and jailed or taken into protective custody and quarantined in a hospital setting?


  2. bobby90247 says:

    Hmmm…??? They will issue a warrant for this guy with T.B. but, let people into the country without “screening” for the Ebola crisis?

    What’s WRONG with this picture?

    Doesn’t the government have any “common sense?”

    Oh, “My BAD!” Common sense is only for the “COMMON PEOPLE” since we don’t matter to them…right!

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  3. Judy Clarke says:

    What a selfish man he is. If he has been noncompliant more than once, then he should be put into quarantine for the sake of the public and if that means for the rest of his life, so be it. He has shown himself to be non trustworthy. On the other hand, the explanation of his disease might not have been adequate enough to instill in him the seriousness and national or international repercussions of non compliance. He should have a tracker put on or in him so that he can be found easily if he is non compliant.


  4. Shepherd says:

    I have information on MDR and XDR TB, the drug resistant TB.
    If all the illegals are infected with XDR TB and ebola are being sent to all states, the conspirator can draw many conclusions. Isis and Boko locos in Nigeria claim thousand of ebola suiciders in USA. Chilling if true. Ebola can present as TB or bad flu among other diseases. On the plus side, half survive this strain of ebola.


  5. Joey says:

    I hate humans..


  6. Tom says:

    Hey, shoot him. Why are we fooling around with this? This ignoramus could cause an overwhelming medical problem in whatever communities he frequents. If they can’t cure the disease eliminate the carrier! Geez – if kids are getting killed for walking down the street while being black, this should be a high priority target.


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