Two suspected Ebola patients flee hospital in Saudi Arabia – Nigerian doctor, released and said recovered from Ebola drops dead – virus may have mysterious latent triggers

August 2014SAUDI ARABIA – Two men, displaying suspected symptoms of the Ebola virus, ran away from a rural health center located in the Madinah province of Saudi Arabia on Sunday, a Saudi daily reported. “The two African nationals, who did not have residency permits or any other documentation, came to see the doctor at the health center, complaining of difficulty breathing and bleeding while passing urine,” an official who requested anonymity told Arab News. Medical officials were unable to conduct a thorough examination and confirm that the patients were infected with the Ebola virus as they ran away after being asked to produce their residency permits. The doctor present had instructed the center to take the patients to a hospital with better facilities before the duo took off. The matter was reported to police instantly, the source said.
The police are still searching for the patients, the report added. The Health Affairs Directorate in Madinah said the patients were from East Africa, a region not affected by Ebola, although their precise nationality had not been identified. The deadly Ebola virus, declared a public health emergency by the World Health Organization (WHO), has killed over 1,140 people in West Africa and is spreading rampantly. Saudi Arabia has been taking several measures to prevent the entry of the virus into the country, and earlier this year declared that haj and umrah pilgrimage visas will not be granted to people from Ebola-hit countries. Earlier this month, a Saudi businessman who returned from a business trip to Sierra Leone showed symptoms of the virus and later died in a hospital in Jeddah. However, test results later confirmed that he had not been infected with Ebola. –Gulf Business
Nigerian Doctor
Nigeria reports 5th Ebola death: A senior doctor who treated Nigeria’s first Ebola patient has died, taking the death toll in Africa’s most populous country to five, Health Minister Onyebuchi Chukwu said on Tuesday. Chukwu said the doctor was “the most senior who participated in the management of the (first Ebola) patient” in the country. Liberian-American Patrick Sawyer, 40, died in a Lagos hospital on July 25, five days after arriving at the city’s airport visibly unwell on a flight from the Liberian capital, Monrovia. “With this unfortunate development, the total number of Ebola virus-related deaths in Nigeria now stands at five,” Chukwu added. –Yahoo News
There is much about the Ebola virus that we don’t know. Ebola is a virulent level-4 pathogen with a near 90% mortality rate. The virus didn’t acquire its pernicious ranking by being predictable. It’s an insidious, mysterious killer that is subject to further evolutionary development or mutations just like any other virus that replicates. I warned in my radio address that the virus may also have latent triggers that could trick the infected patient into thinking they have recovered when, in fact, he or she may be just a stumble or two away from death, and is only further aiding in the transmission of the virus. We may be in for more nasty surprises from the Ebola virus.  –Alvin Conway

Ebola virus

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14 Responses to Two suspected Ebola patients flee hospital in Saudi Arabia – Nigerian doctor, released and said recovered from Ebola drops dead – virus may have mysterious latent triggers

  1. DJ says:

    Sacramento patient is being tested for Ebola after “possible exposure”


  2. Praypraypray says:

    Read the bible. Know the truth


  3. Rose Claire says:

    The Ebola plague is another sign of the end time.


  4. stevesmitty79 says:

    This is a slow acclimation of the idea that diseases like Ebola are here to stay and unavoidable. This enables governments to restrict movement and encroach on civil liberties on a passive scale to ensure outright martial law is never declared but defacto. Get used to this slow approach to the erosion of our identity and culture. America is already transformed. The question is, how deep does the rabbit hole go?

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  5. Yuck Factors says:

    Well ya know, someone can “recover” from a horrible illness like ebola, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that their liver and other organs are necessarily happy campers afterwards.

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  6. niebo says:

    Alvin, you must be pyschic or something, man.

    I say that only because it is the only joke I can crack at this “OMG” moment


  7. Shepherd says:

    EBOLA, the ISIS virus – worse than terrorists


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