Defenseless: Outrage in Nigeria as government fires 16,000 doctors on strike despite Ebola crisis – death toll hits 1,145

August 2014 AFRICA – The death toll from the worst ever Ebola outbreak has risen to 1, 145, the World Health Organization said on Friday, as 76 more cases were reported from August 11 to August 13, 2014. The U.N. health agency said that a total of 152 confirmed, probable, and suspected cases of the deadly hemorrhagic fever were reported from countries in West Africa, bringing the total number of cases up to 2127.
Nigeria defenseless- A death sentence? The growing spread of the Ebola virus in Nigeria remains serious enough to keep the nation in an official state of emergency, with thousands concerned that the virus will spread like it has in other West African nations. In what many are calling a massive failure of optics, however, the Nigerian government has chosen to fire up to 16,000 doctors due to an unrelated medical employee strike. In a memorandum to the Nigerian Health Ministry, the Permanent Secretary for Federal Ministry of Health L.N. Awute announced that Nigeria would suspend its medical residency program and terminate the jobs of the resident doctors. The order, which cites President Goodluck Jonathan as its unilateral source, also “asked the management of all public hospitals to take necessary measures to restore full medical services in the hospitals, even without the resident doctors.” The termination follows a month of strikes by doctors of the Nigerian Medical Association, who began striking on July 1st, demanding better wages and hours. The number of doctors affected by President Jonathan’s directive, Sky News reports, is about 16,000. The Premium Times followed up the news with a response from the Nigerian government, which is currently facing significant outrage from citizens frightened of the potential of an Ebola epidemic striking a country that just lost thousands of its doctors. In a statement, the Ministry of Health noted, “For the whole of July 2014, these doctors did not work, yet government, owing to the emergency situation in our country, paid them the July salaries with allowances such as call duty allowance, teaching allowance, hazard allowance, etc., believing that this magnanimity of government would appeal to reason for NMA to call off the strike.”
The emphasis on the doctors not working appears to be in direct reaction to the criticism from those concerned about Ebola: these doctors are not being taken away from the front lines against the virus because they have not been working since before the virus entered Nigeria through Patrick Sawyer, a Liberian-American official who died in Lagos, Nigeria, shortly after landing from Liberia. Nigeria currently has eleven confirmed cases of Ebola, mostly medical workers who interacted with Sawyer. The presence of Ebola in Lagos, a city of 21 million people, has caused significant alarm among those who fear an outbreak in an urban area. While Liberia’s capital, Monrovia, has seen a high number of cases, it is the exception, with most Ebola-stricken communities in rural areas of Sierra Leone and Guinea. Al Jazeera notes that, in addition to the Nigerian Medical Association calling for an immediate reversal of Jonathan’s proposal, individual Nigerians are lashing out on social media, calling the move “death sentences in disguise,” with some even indicting the doctors for choosing to strike amid a crisis. –Breitbart 
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7 Responses to Defenseless: Outrage in Nigeria as government fires 16,000 doctors on strike despite Ebola crisis – death toll hits 1,145

  1. Northwestjeff says:

    This disease is spreading because the medical staff is running out of and don’t have enough sterilization options with limited medical gear being shared between medical personal. Working in very hot temperatures and humidity. And this disease is spreading fast because there are not enough healthcare workers there.That is what I think is helping to create all the confusion. The doctors are some of the most educated people in any society. These 16, 000 people are incredibly valuable from a counter punch potential. And they have no equal.They have the knowledge of the geography , languages and customs of the indigenous people.
    I feel my country should be sending about at least 3250 highly trained medical staff just for these doctors and medical personal. Nigeria especially in Lagos is not where the virus has hit the worst but it is exactly where you need to minimize transmission.
    It’s nothing but a fight from here on out. Preparedness is a way of life then when the time comes “as of right now” it’s about being aggressive and giving back. If that does not happen and we do not develop a paradigm shift then this virus will spread to every continent and realize its greatest potential.
    Get people there now


  2. Dennis E. says:

    Not to be indifferent here but it sounds similar to President Reagan’s action towards the Air Traffic Controllers after he took office.

    I read this article several times and I believe the government made the correct decision,


  3. Dennis E. says:

    There is a report that I saw on World Net Daily that The World Health Organization has approved a plan for a Mega-Quarantine that will encompass over one million people that will encompass parts of three countries.


  4. tonic says:

    Great solution to a strike, fire everyone. Curtailing a pandemic, who cares as long as those that choose “lets fire them” do not get infected.
    We seem to be living in one crazy world.


  5. Andre says:

    The goal is obvious: depopulate Nigeria, to make it more friendly to Shell and the other multinational oil companies looting the land.


  6. lucy says:

    it’s not that bad, way more people die of the common cold every year all around the world.


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