Pulitzer-prize winning writer of The Coming Plague warns, ‘you are not nearly scared enough about Ebola’

“Experimental drugs and airport screenings will do nothing to stop this plague. If Ebola hits Lagos, we’re in real trouble,” warns Pulitzer-prize winning writer of The Coming Plague, Laurie Garrett
August 2014AFRICA – Attention World: You just don’t get it. You think there are magic bullets in some rich country’s freezers that will instantly stop the relentless spread of the Ebola virus in West Africa? You think airport security guards in Los Angeles can look a traveler in the eyes and see infection, blocking that jet passenger’s entry into La-la-land? You believe novelist Dan Brown’s utterly absurd description of a World Health Organization that has a private C5-A military transport jet and disease SWAT team that can swoop into outbreaks, saving the world from contagion? Wake up, fools. What’s going on in West Africa now isn’t Brown’s silly Inferno scenario — it’s Steven Soderberg’s movie Contagion, though without a modicum of its high-tech capacity. Last week, my brilliant Council on Foreign Relations colleague John Campbell, former U.S. ambassador to Nigeria, warned that spread of the virus inside Lagos — which has a population of 22 million — would instantly transform this situation into a worldwide crisis, thanks to the chaos, size, density, and mobility of not only that city but dozens of others in the enormous, oil-rich nation. Add to the Nigerian scenario civil war, national elections, Boko Haram terrorists, and a country-wide doctors’ strike — all of which are real and current — and you have a scenario so overwrought and frightening that I could not have concocted it even when I advised screenwriter Scott Burns on his Contagion script. Inside the United States, politicians, gadflies, and much of the media are focused on wildly experimental drugs and vaccines, and equally wild notions of “keeping the virus out” by barring travelers and “screening at airports.”
Let’s be clear: Absolutely no drug or vaccine has been proven effective against the Ebola virus in human beings. To date, only one person — Dr. Kent Brantly — has apparently recovered after receiving one of the three prominent putative drugs, and there is no proof that the drug was key to his improvement. None of the potential vaccines has even undergone Phase One safety trials in humans, though at least two are scheduled to enter that stage before December of this year. And Phase One is the swiftest, easiest part of new vaccine trials — the two stages of clinical trials aimed at proving that vaccines actually work will be difficult, if not impossible, to ethically and safely execute. If one of the vaccines is ready to be used in Africa sometime in 2015, the measure will be executed without prior evidence that it can work, which in turn will require massive public education to ensure that people who receive the vaccination do not change their behaviors in ways that might put them in contract with Ebola — because they mistakenly believe they are immune to the virus. We are in for a very long haul with this extremely deadly disease — it has killed more than 50 percent of those laboratory-confirmed infections, and possibly more than 70 percent of the infected populations of Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea. Nigeria is struggling to ensure that no secondary spread of Ebola comes from one of the people already infected by Liberian traveler Patrick Sawyer — two of whom have died so far. That effort expanded on Wednesday, when Nigerian health authorities announced that a nurse who had treated Sawyer escaped her quarantine confinement in Lagos and traveled to Enugu a city that, as of 2006, has a population of about three million. Though the nurse has not shown symptoms of the disease, the incubation time for infection, which is up to 21 days, hasn’t elapsed.
Since the Ebola outbreak began in March there have been many reports of isolated cases of the disease in travelers to other countries. None have resulted, so far, in secondary spread, establishing new epidemic focuses of the disease. As I write this, such a case is thought to have occurred Johannesburg, South Africa’s largest city, and another suspected case reportedly died in isolation in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, prompting the kingdom to issue special Ebola warnings for the upcoming hajj. It’s only a matter of time before one of these isolated cases spreads, possibly in a chaotic urban center far larger than the ones in which it is now claiming lives: Conakry, Guinea; Monrovia, Liberia; and Freetown, Sierra Leone. So what does “getting it” mean for understanding what we, as a global community, must now do? First of all, we must appreciate the scale of need on the ground in the three Ebola-plagued nations. While the people may pray for magic bullets, their health providers are not working in Hollywood, but rather in some of the most impoverished places on Earth. Before Ebola, these countries spent less than $100 per year per capita on healthcare. Most Americans spend more than that annually on aspirin and ibuprofen. “It’s like fighting a forest fire: leave behind one burning ember, one case undetected, and the epidemic could re-ignite,” Frieden recently told Congress. “Ending this outbreak will take time, at least three to six months in a best case scenario, but this is very far from a best case scenario.”At the same congressional hearing Dr. Frank Glover, a medical missionary who partners with SIM, a Christian missions organization, and president of SHIELD, a U.S.-based NGO in Africa, warned that Liberia had less than 200 doctors struggling to meet the health needs of 4 million people before the epidemic. “After the outbreak that number went down to about 50 doctors involved in clinical care,” said Glover. I myself have received emails from physicians in these countries, describing the complete collapse of all non-Ebola care, from unassisted deliveries to untended auto accident injuries. People aren’t just dying of the virus, but from every imaginable medical issue a system of care usually faces. –Foreign Policy
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29 Responses to Pulitzer-prize winning writer of The Coming Plague warns, ‘you are not nearly scared enough about Ebola’

  1. CrissCross says:

    Supporting article…

    What COULD happen in America with EBOLA 😦


  2. Heather MacMurray says:

    I think the Jihads will use infected people instead of strapping bombs onto themselves to enter North America

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    • Dennis E. says:

      In ancient times that actually was done.
      In the USA in our past, it has been reported that blankets sold to Indians by some evil people were were infected with TB or some other type of virus. Evil knows no limit…

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    • Tanker says:

      Very good point Heather. Unfortunately one of the things the terrorist like to do when they use a device such as a suicide vest, is find the person with an illness of some sort and then they will detonate the device in an area that can allow them to contaminate the most amount of people possible.


  3. Then it’s time to shut the borders on these countries..no ins or outs except humanitarian care..


  4. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for your diligence on this site and the Utopia site. The articles you share are spot on and worthwhile. May God bless you and yours.
    If we are to be aware of the Ebola dire situation, as dire as it is; then why is Dr. Brantly being released from the Atlanta Hospital, just 12 days after his arrival? Here is the link:http://news.yahoo.com/us-doctor-ebola-released-hospital-soon-174919099.html
    My best,


  5. fuego093 says:

    This woman has many of here facts wrong. Beginning with population of Lagos. Her exaggerations elsewhere make her closer to her CFR agitprop sponsors than a genuine journalist. Her omissions too, befit her MSM training. she very conveniently omitted the ending of the movie she consulted on – CONTAGION- which very much featured a CURE. As did nonfictional documentary NOVA from the 1990’s African Ebola outbreak. Using survivor’s blood which contains the Ebola antibodies needed to kick the disease. It was what kept Dr Kent Brantly of Samaritan’s Purse alive and well,so that he could exist his plane, walking in his own strength.
    Shame on you Garrett. You are another unscrupulous, opportunist deployed by the NWO.


  6. Joyce Trucks says:

    Jim Humbles MMS will kill that virus. All over Africa it cures even Aids and Malaria. Ugandan minister of health has asked Humble to come to that country and cured Aids & Malaria but the world health organization has blocked it because it’s part of genocide.


  7. Judy Clarke says:

    You have to be dreaming if you think USA didn’t bring their Dr Kent Brantly home to give him an antidote for the recreated virus EBOLA which THEY MADE. When EBOLA was re-created they automatically made the antidote, but are not prepared to issue it to the world. If that is NOT true, then USA are guilty in the first degree of issuing the order to bring contamination from one land to another with no hope or cure- thats the beginnings of a PANDEMIC. This is both insulting to the human condition and a crime. They now have a cure in him – his blood can be used to make an antidote, so the world can be saved, if they so choose. If they don’t create ANOTHER antidote from Brantlys immuned blood response to his contamination, then once again USA is guilty of negligence, stupidity and murder, in so much as they have the cure but wont use it and that is a threat to the world. Not to mention the necessity of Africa being in lock down with various contaminated parts being closed off, disallowing people to travel or wander, but NO, airlines are in business as usual. What the hell are they thinking? Am I the only one in the world with a brain or common sense?


    • You guys, i am a stranger here, but allow me: you all seem to forget /loose the vision here.
      The NWO agenda is population reduction, before a financial crash, and WW3!
      it’s that simple!
      Wake up,USA/World/EU!!


  8. Texblonde1956 says:

    Laurie Garrett’s book was required reading for our second year medical students while they were studying medical microbiology. She knows her stuff and this article is spot on! We need to be afraid, very afraid of this disease!


  9. laurathefarrar says:

    Please pay attention to reality. Pray for our people and those suffering around the world.


  10. Reblogged this on northernonkim and commented:
    Wake up people…


  11. Doreen Agostino says:

    I agree there is nothing ‘out there’ to smooth transition into a coherent new world age coming toward us a.k.a. Revelations, Rapture, 2012, End Times, World Age Shift because INNER TECHNOLOGY, the single most sophisticated technology ever to grace this world, gave each of us breath, awareness, and ‘freewill’ to cooperate, and peacefully end the lie of separation [Creator and created is one].

    In other words, primordial Conscious Power to embrace and transform adversity into new and greater possibilities, and remove our species from the wheel of pain and suffering, are within each of us, when we release attachment to limiting beliefs, grow up and out of separation, judgment, criticism, fear, anger, revenge, etc. and make it so. Michael Tsarion – Zero Tolerance For The Lie http://youtu.be/IEQl2LvqWjk


  12. L. R. Pingel says:

    Ebola is already spreading through illegal immigration. No surprise, there is no medical screening, no identification of possible infect persons, no way to trace contacts. 5 suspected cases have shown up in Albania that way. http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Peace/2014/08/14/Five-Suspected-Ebola-Victims-Found-in-Albania


  13. AJ says:

    The culling has begun…


  14. niebo says:

    “. . . A scenario so overwrought and frightening that I could not have concocted it. . . .”

    YES, this is an indescribably complex scenario which now unfolds before us, but, rather than succumb to fear (which, to me, is “panic”), the only recourse we have to is educate ourselves (which, to me, is “empowerment”). “What CAN I do?” needs to be the question which we ask ourselves, and the first thing is to scorch the search engines for alternatives to “modern” medicine; if this disease EXPLODES as is possible, it will lead to the collapses of the healthcare systems AND to every economy in the world, so that every man-woman-child on the planet will be indelibly affected, whether they become ill or not. FEAR is NOT the requisite response, but PREPARATION is. What does that mean? THINK about it. After oxygen, WATER is the most important substance for the maintenance of life. After that, FOOD. Pure Grain alcohol kills every bacteria and virus known to man. And look around on THIS website; there are posted here resources to HELP educate and empower you. Do NOT succumb to fear and be paralyzed by panic. NO ONE (not even an Ebola patient) is a slave to a vaccine or a wonder drug.


  15. Does anyone have any comments about this… as in, any possible truth to it?



  16. andy says:

    Now..that the prize got awarded may we move on?


  17. CrissCross says:

    If You Promote A Cure For Ebola, Men With Guns Could Show Up At Your Door!!!

    Can’t understand whether its funny or 😮


  18. aubreyenoch says:

    In Tom Clancy’s 1995 novel DEBT OF HONOR, the climax of the story has a 747 with a load of fuel being flown into the US Capitol. That was the first time I ever heard the idea of an air liner being used as a bomb. The next time I heard of it was 9/11/2001. Then in 1998, Clancy came out with RAINBOW SIX which had a sub plot that had a group of “extreme environmentalists” with a plan to depopulate the Earth to make everything “nice” again. They planned to have a return of the buffalo herds to the great plains and all that. In this scenario the bad guys started a frightening epidemic. The plotters had a biotech lab and they produced a vaccine for their frightening epidemic. The real killer disease was in the vaccine. Of course, they had the “real vaccine” to protect themselves so that after all the riff-raff was done away with they would have the Earth to themselves. All the attention that is being focused on this frightening epidemic seems to fit the general outline as proposed in Clancy’s novel. I have no doubt that the billionaire owners of the world have many projects in the works to reduce the load on the environment and rid their world of the unpleasant types.
    I work in a health care facility and we were recently mandated by medi-care to in stall the CARE TRACKER data system that will send the record of EVERY activity with a patient to the great health data base somewhere. Meanwhile, for the past decade we’ve the implementation of numerous health privacy statutes that effectively block any use of this data by independent researchers.
    It would seem that access to this info to clarify the health condition of the US population would be a significant benefit to all concerned. We might also imagine that this up to the minute tracking of health events would be valuable to any effort to reduce the population by the billionaires.
    Somethings got to give somewhere.
    Sunshine is the only income we’ve got.


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