Ebola in Ghana? Two Liberians show signs of Ebola infection in Kasoa

August 2014 AFRICA – It is yet to be confirmed whether the deadly Ebola Viral Disease has found its way into Ghana but reports reaching Peace FM indicates that two persons, currently admitted at the Kasoa Poly Clinic, have shown signs of it. The two, according Peace FM’s Central Regional correspondent, Seth Mantey are from Liberia and have been residing at the Kosoa Buduburam refugee camp with their families. He was informed by Dr. Mills, the head of the Kasoa Polyclinic that following the signs he has seen the patients display, he wouldn’t be surprised if turned out to be the Ebola viral disease. According to Seth Mantey, aside the pain he saw the patients displayed, blood was also oozing from their eyes and ears. “When they coughed, you could also see blood in it. Doctor Mills revealed to us that he has called on authorities to come and take samples of blood to give a proper account.”
Seth Mantey disclosed that the Kasoa Polyclinic which is situated at the Awutu Senya District has also recorded seventy one (71) cases of cholera cases. One person is reported to have died as a result. However, with the challenges associated with the fight against the deadly Ebola Viral Disease, Peacefmonline.com would like to urge all especially government to put in safeguard measures to prevent its spread as Ghana serves as the home for most asylum seekers within Africa. –PFO
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2 Responses to Ebola in Ghana? Two Liberians show signs of Ebola infection in Kasoa

  1. Judy Clarke says:

    Can’t the authorities understand that people move, they travel. Until the goverment steps its game up and confines and quarantines all states with the disease, NO ONE leaves or travels. Do they think its just going to go away? Get someone who knows how to prevent pandemics over there, because so far no one knows what the hell they are doing.


  2. Debra LeGere says:

    I believe the point is not to stop the spread.


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