Ebola death toll in West Africa reaches 1013

August 2014AFRICA – The World Health Organization says the death toll in the Ebola outbreak in West Africa has passed 1,000. The U.N. health agency said in a news release Monday that 1,013 people have died in the outbreak, which has hit Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and possibly Nigeria. Authorities have recorded 1,848 suspected, probable or confirmed cases of the disease, which causes a high fever, vomiting and bleeding. The outbreak was first identified in March in Guinea, but it likely started months earlier.
The updated WHO tally includes figures from Aug. 7- 9 when 52 more people died and 69 more were infected. Ebola is highly lethal and there is no licensed vaccine or treatment for the disease, but so far three people infected have received an experimental drug. –ABC News
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6 Responses to Ebola death toll in West Africa reaches 1013

  1. suez62 says:

    So, why aren’t the people in the back, wearing any masks or anything of that sort?


  2. Wayne Sine says:

    If possible, please this article in the Daily Herald. thank-you. Wayne Sine, 1053 West 1020 South, Provo, Utah 84601.


  3. Judy Clarke says:

    OK, SO WITH ALL THE INFO REGARDING SPREAD, they are saying its only through body fluids, but these guys are wearing masks, THAT IS DROPLET INFECTION. So tell them to stop lying to us. This goes to the lung, therefore coughing, sneezing, talking (spraying) dirty tissues, kissing will pass it on. They are dropping like flies, but in the next breath its not caught by droplet infection. IT IS…… cmon, get real.


  4. Judy Clarke says:

    The bodies MUST BE CREMATED. i sincerely hope the initial bodies are dug up and then burned, because the chances of contamination years down the line are VERY HIGH. All areas in Africa must be in lockdown and fenced off with police onsite. All air traffic in and out of Africa must cease as well. Do the authorities know nothing about pandemics. The removal of USA victims is so going against all medical rule regarding spread, this is terrible. You do realize USA produced this disease, so of course they will have an antidote.


    • suez62 says:

      @Judy, Well said! Of coarse it is man made, and they made it to reduce the population. So, you can bet the “elite” have a antidote for themselves! They are pure evil!!!! 😦


      • lindeelou says:

        @ suez. I d say it’s more man’s-fault than man-made but the result will be the same. ‘The’ elites have no better luck in this hell… what nonsense!


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