Suspected Ebola patient isolated in Rwanda

August 2014AFRICA – Rwanda’s health officials have placed a man suspected of suffering from Ebola in isolation at King Faisal Hospital Kigali. A statement by the Ministry of Health released on Sunday indicates that the patient had been tested with results still expected. Samples from the suspected case have been sent for testing to an international accredited laboratory, and results will be available in 48 hours, the statement said. The suspected case is a European medical student, according to the statement. It is the first suspected Ebola case in Rwanda since the outbreak of the virus in West Africa. The government urged the public to remain calm and vigilant, as the ministry is closely monitoring the situation.
All the preventive measures needed in line with national standards are already in place, including surveillance systems and emergency management systems, it assured, adding “Health workers have been trained across the country and are vigilant.” This will enable timely detection, notification and appropriate management of any suspected cases to safeguard Rwandans, the statement concluded. – Xinhuanet

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2 Responses to Suspected Ebola patient isolated in Rwanda

  1. Judy Clarke says:

    How dare they give people the false sense of security by stating very clearly that you cannot catch Ebola from droplet infection and that it can only be caught from body fluids. This is wrong, you can catch it from droplet infection, otherwise everyone would NOT be wearing gas masks and 100% of their body is covered. Saliva is a body fluid, correct? Well if this is coughed, sneezed or kissed, those droplets CAN Be passed on to another through the airways, this is where the infection rests – in the lungs, so keep clear, it CAN BE CAUGHT with far greater ease than they are making out.


  2. Melissa says:

    “International accredited lab” meaning a government controlled lab? If so, who can trust anything controlled by the govt.? They will only report what they WANT us to hear. I read, in a report from CANADA that they do suspect it can travel to a new host through droplets… I trust them over USA govt.


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