Awakening? Mysterious noises coming from remote Iceland volcano that hasn’t erupted in more than 12,000 years

August 2014 ICELAND – Strange rumblings coming from the tuya Herðubreið are confounding observers as to their possible source. Vísir reports that visitors to the mesa-shaped volcano in northeast Iceland have been unable to determine if the persistent rumblings coming from Herðubreið are being caused by an avalanche, landslide, or something else entirely. Rangers around Herðubreið were the first to announce the rumblings, which lasted about 30 seconds. Yesterday, Icelandic rescuers who had been searching for a group of French tourists found them at the foot of Herðubreið safe and sound, although they said there had been an avalanche. News of the avalanche was reported, but upon further inspection, no evidence of an avalanche could be found – except for the rumbling. Avalanches have been reported from mountains all over Iceland recently, which is highly unusual for the summer months. Tómas Jóhannesson, a meteorologist at the Met Office, told reporters that they intend to get to the bottom of the mystery. The volcano was shaken by a seismic swarm of nearly 5,300 quakes in 2007. The volcano had a swarm of about 100 quakes in May and another one of less intensity in July of 2014. Scientists say the volcano’s last eruption was during the Last Glacial Period more than 110,000 to 12,000 years ago. It was one of the largest eruptions known in Iceland’s history.  –Grapevine TEP
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8 Responses to Awakening? Mysterious noises coming from remote Iceland volcano that hasn’t erupted in more than 12,000 years

  1. Bro. Nick says:

    Thank you for the report on the “mysterious noises” – it is genuinely interesting that there is so little that mankind really knows about the specifics of that which was created by “the LORD GOD”. I wonder if He will ever let puny man ever find out what the actual cause(s) of these “strange rumblings” are.

    WOW – am I really impressed that the ‘evolutionists’ are so knowing and accurate in their ‘scientific knowledge’ that they really ‘pinpoint’ the date of “The volcano’s last eruption was during the Last Glacial Period more than 110,000 to 12,000 years ago.”!!!!!!
    – or even if the date reported was a ‘typo’ and should have been 11,000 to 12,000 years ago – an 8.33 – 9.09% deviation.
    Would you trust a pilot on a flight from NY – Shanghai who is only +/- 91% accurate in getting to the proper destination??????


  2. Durable says:

    Check the Haarp stats. Iceland must be punished for resisting the global banks will…


  3. Lulu says:

    Seems like a global chorus of rumblings regarding many volcanoes – even the ‘extinct’ ones. I don’t believe in the word ‘extinct’ – what was once…could be again…given the right conditions.
    I must say I am surprised that ‘science’ is surprised by some of the activity popping up in volcanoes in many more places. I am no scientist, but there has been a feeling ‘in-me-bones’ for a long time now that we are just witnessing the first stages of several ‘stirrings’, yet to be realized as a global connection by some and the interconnection of many (places) of the Earth’s regions. Some activity may be localized, but ‘zoom’ back and look at the ‘big-picture’ and the puzzle is really in the narrowness of man’s vision and understanding of God’s Earth. To me, so many things are so obvious……


  4. Kevin says:

    ELF waves anyone? AKA HAARP


  5. Dennis E. says:

    Looking at this from another angle and all of us read other articles from different authors.
    Presently, we are in a blood moon cycle that began 04.15.14 (passover) and will end 15 months and one writer has said, that in order for some prophecies to be fulfilled regarding the heavens(moon,sun) that there had to be an increase in volcanic action and the roaring of the seas(tidal waves, hurricanes). Just a thought, It does seem that more inactive volcanoes are become more active.


    • lindeelou says:

      Yes Dennis.

      And the heavens have been so patient with us humanoids. Really there is no time, just perfect timing…. as the apple knows when to fall from the tree.

      Sadly (however this is part of the process of the evolution of humanity itself) humans hold the finger on the trigger …(or sing the ‘one’ song/’uni’ verse).

      No we are not taught this in school, but each homosapian holds the answer in her/his heart. The only question is… why the “f” are we wanting to wait so long??

      We are the priveleged children of the universe cause only we have free will. The timing has come to kick-start the machine and start using/acting lovingly. To ourselves first and to others (that includes other lifeforms too).

      If not….. we’ll watch the scene as we get blown off the tree.

      Every act of kindness heals…. it’s our only protection, the only survival strategy. It’s no longer ‘a choice’.

      Every person can. Every person counts. Every act of kindness transcends our self-inflicted horror.


  6. L.Edwards says:

    People in general don’t realize or don’t want to realize that the Earth sits still for no species. Nothing in nature or the universe will stop functioning for humanity. We weren’t always around in this world and we won’t always be around. All things come to an end eventually. That’s how it works and we’re going to have to get over ourselves and accept that.


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