East Tennessee doctor quarantines himself after work with Ebola patients in West Africa

August 2014 TENNESSEE – An East Tennessee doctor who recently returned from treating Ebola patients in West Africa has voluntarily quarantined himself inside his home, and a local expert says it’s an admirable move, but probably unnecessary. Dr. Alan Jamison of Morristown — a city about three-and-a-half hours east of Nashville — recently returned from West Africa where he was working with Medical Teams International to treat Ebola patients, according to media reports. He is reportedly staying in his house, avoiding contact with the outside world until he is sure he does not have the virus. Medical Teams International, an Oregon-based organization that dispatches groups of volunteers across the world to combat medical disasters, has been working in areas affected by the Ebola outbreak for several months.
Dr. William Schaffner, a Vanderbilt University professor and an expert in infectious diseases, lauded Jamison for his self-imposed quarantine, even though Schaffner says Jamison is going well beyond what’s required. “We in public health and infectious diseases know he’s not a source,” Schaffner said of Jamison. “You only become hazardous to others when you become sick.” But, Schaffner said, Jamison is doing his part to put his neighbors at ease in the midst of the African outbreak that has captured worldwide attention. “My hat’s off to Dr. Jamison,” Schaffner said. Schaffner and other experts have been surprised by widespread concern about Ebola in the United States, given how hard it is to catch the virus. “It’s not influenza,” he said. “This virus spreads slowly and with difficulty, and only through intimate contact with people who are already sick. … You have to work at getting the virus.” Schaffner said medical officials treating Ebola patients in Africa should be well versed in the protections necessary to avoid spreading it. But the recent cases of two American aid workers who caught the virus in Africa make it clear that “there is some risk.” If someone were to develop symptoms for Ebola, they would need to alert a doctor immediately. Every major hospital in the country is prepared to treat the virus, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently issued an advisory that recaps official protocol. – The Tennessean
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5 Responses to East Tennessee doctor quarantines himself after work with Ebola patients in West Africa

  1. Rose G. says:

    Why is this doctor allowing himself to be in his home until he finds out the results. That means if does have Ebola, then the house is contaminated. A little sense to this. Protect others around you.


  2. Alexandra says:

    “This virus spreads slowly and with difficulty, and only through intimate contact with people who are already sick. … You have to work at getting the virus.” These are the words from Dr. Schaffner (University Prof.). So, how do the people (nurses and doctors) that have barricaded themselves with suits while working on Ebola patients get the virus? Something does not add up here. Looking at all the pictures it seems that the care takers always wear protective clothing.
    “You have to work to get the virus”??? I think I have to take some Ginkgo to wrap my brain around this one!!!


    • If you believe the media reports, apparently it’s very difficult to catch this virus if you don’t have protective clothing and apparently very easy to catch it if you do…

      Which shows you just how little people know about what they think they know. Nature cannot be controlled or contained, and it’s forces are not curbed, corralled or contained, for men’s devising, control, or full comprehension.

      At any moment, we could all be overwhelmed by natural forces on this planet.


  3. Karen Guerin says:

    This one has some good info in it. I’m more afraid of the CDC accidentally dropping something in the water than this actually, but since you are in a ‘global” nexus you need to stay away from people who have the disease in its active stage because that’s when you can catch it. Part of the problem of how it spread so quickly is that the Nigerians (I think) have a tradition of kissing and touching a dead body before burying it. Duh. Now they’re mandatorially burning them thank goodness.


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