Even with extreme precautions doctor contracted Ebola – what will ordinary citizens do if virus goes pandemic?

July 2014AFRICA – Since March of this year, Liberia and its partners have been working assiduously to contain one of the world’s deadly viruses, Ebola, but to no avail, as it effects have now reached an alarming proportion, putting the country in an undeniable squeeze. Having been criticized in the initial stage of the emergence of the virus and in view of the growing number of deaths as a result of the virus, the Liberian government has intensified life-saving measures including the declaration of national emergency, the setting up of a national task force, the closure of entry border points and other noteworthy. The taking of these actions, according to analysts, shows how risky the nation has become to the plague of the Ebola virus, and also means that it is at ‘war.’ The virus which emerged here in March of this year, having decimated a huge chunk of the population of Guinea, is tearing the nation apart, destroying every life in its reach and path. Regrettably, according to analysts, all of this is occurring after an experience of years of fratricidal bush war that pulverized the nation almost beyond reach and recognition. In spite of national and international fusion of efforts to combat its threat, it is proving difficult to contain, thus sending deep-seated apprehension down the spines of all Liberians. The emergence of Ebola in Liberia having caused unbearable toll on a good portion of the population of Guinea, the virus surfaced in Lofa County and then started to cascade downward Montserrado and Margibi Counties through human contacts.
A woman who interacted with her sister killed by Ebola also fell ill and unknowingly brought to Monrovia via a taxi cab and landed in Chicken Soup Factory, on the outskirt of Monrovia. Because of their late arrival in Monrovia, driver of the Taxi cab lodged the woman in a house of plenty occupants. At the break of dawn, her husband who works at Firestone picked her up and took her to Firestone where she was admitted at a local hospital there. That was the beginning of the spread of the virus which has now become a pandemic. An American doctor is in grave condition after contracting the deadly Ebola virus in West Africa. Dr. Kent Brantly, 33, who works with Ebola patients is now fighting for his own survival in an isolation unit on the outskirts of Monrovia, Liberia. “I’m praying fervently that God will help me survive this disease,” Brantly said in an email Monday. Brantly’s prognosis is grave and efforts to evacuate him to Europe for treatment have been thwarted as Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has closed border crossings. A second American aid worker, Nancy Writebol, tested positive for the Ebola virus at the same hospital, a relief group official said Sunday. Brantly also asked that prayers be extended for Writebol, who worked as the personnel coordinator for Serving in Mission, or SIM, in Monrovia, CNN reports. She is reportedly in stable and serious condition. There is no treatment, cure, or vaccine for Ebola. The virus is now out of control and is now a serious threat to Africa’s largest city, Lagos Nigeria.
 To date, according to a health ministry daily statistics, over 126 Liberians and foreign nationals have lost their lives to the virus which has stretched its tentacles beyond other borders. Worst of all, it is not sparing anyone, not even the doctors and nurses that are attending to people affected by the virus, which to date does not have any cure. Besides the number of people already killed, there are 249 cases with most of them completely quarantined. The number of deaths and those affected is likely to soar as more and more Liberians are falling prey to the virus. The threat of the virus is such that even foreign medical practitioners that have been reaching out to victims of the virus are themselves being victimized. About two weeks ago, a Ugandan Dr. Sam Mutooro Muhumuza assigned by the Redemption Hospital lost his life, having contracted the virus from an affected nurse whose life he attempted saving. –All Africa
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11 Responses to Even with extreme precautions doctor contracted Ebola – what will ordinary citizens do if virus goes pandemic?

  1. mindweapon says:

    Ebola is very contagious! Some do-gooder white doctor in Bongo Bongo caught it. Bring it on! I hope the Africans bring it here as a gift of diversity and enrichment for the liberals who love them sooooo much. Worse is better!


  2. niebo says:

    The LORD stretched out the heavens and laid the foundations of the earth (Isaiah 51); so long as Dr. McCray calls upon Him, live or die, he will be saved.


  3. Stephen P says:

    During the SARS epidemic some years ago the Chinese advised people to stay indoors and evaporate hot vinegar in the middle of your room. I know that apple cider vinegar works wonders for sore throats, colds etc. Don’t know if it would work with Ebola, but if it ever does go global shops will probably sell out of all types of vinegar pretty fast. Better to be prepared in advance just in case. I mean, what is the cost of a jar of vinegar?


  4. Dennis E. says:

    There is a report on the internet that back in April 2014, National Guard Units in all 50 states were issued Special Ebola suits. This was a congressional report.
    Yes, this has been discussed on this site several times in that a person could board a plane in Africa, fly to any country and effect many.From any country.
    There is no cure for this disease.
    Then perhaps that is the answer for all the reports of casket liners that had been posted over the years. This virus is nearly unstoppable.

    Have a nice day………


  5. Joseph Sonny Skies says:

    Hi Alvin! Is there any indication that mosquitoes or other insects are spreading this disease?


  6. Sam says:

    It scary when doctors with protective gear are getting this. I wonder how it was transmitted? If you get one minor bit of infected fluid on your skin can it be passed? Inhalation through mask? Brings to mind “12 Monkeys”.


  7. niebo says:

    Ok, dudes, been thinking about this one for a couple days, and as much as i hate to be a conspiracist or a conspiracy theoritician, I gotta tell you that I see a pattern of disinfo, or maybe it’s just collective stoopidity, regarding the news reports I’ve been reading in the local/regional/national news about how this virus is NOT airborne and how it AIN’T contagious unless a confirmed Ebola patient spits into your mouth or squirts blood into your eyeball. C’mon, dudes, if it were THAT hard to contract or catch, those doctors with their radiation-proof environmental suits would be completely safe (hot, maybe, but safe) from infection, which means that we ain’t havin’ this conversation, at least not at this particular time. So here’s some info to counter the disinfo:

    From late 2012, all the articles cite the same source, but I include them to show how widespread this knowledge SHOULD be:




    From 2010:

    “All the Ebola subtypes have shown the ability to be spread through airborne particles under research conditions.”


    From TWO DAYS ago:

    And the CDC itself recommends that flight crews who suspect an ebola infection aboard the airplane, “Provide the sick person with a surgical mask (if the sick person can tolerate wearing one) to reduce the number of droplets expelled into the air by talking, sneezing, or coughing.”



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