‘Extinct’ Costa Rican volcano being re-examined for activity, volcano dormant for 3,500 years

July 2014COSTA RICAThe Costa Rica News (TCRN) – Volcanologists of the National Seismological Network (RSN) have begun early research on the Chato volcano, located southeast of Poas volcano, to find out information such as its last eruption. RSN volcanologist, Gino Gonzalez, said that measurements of the temperature of the lagoon taken by sonar instrumentation, determining that the surface of the lake is about 19°C and approximately 6 meters deeper the temperature of the lagoon varies drastically. “It’s a volcano which very little is known about its historical activity, so we have seismic stations for periodic sampling and we are starting a campaign to closely monitor it every six months,” Gonzalez said.
Chato is considered an extinct volcano according to the authorities who made the first sampling to verify the behavior and activity. According to volcanologist at greater depths there is an increase in the amount of dissolved oxygen in the lake, which could be due to a strong photosynthetic activity, consistent with high turbidity or gas accumulation at deeper levels. The maximum depth of the lake is around 18 meters, averaging 15 meters. Chato Volcano last erupted 3,500 years ago. –Costa Rica News
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5 Responses to ‘Extinct’ Costa Rican volcano being re-examined for activity, volcano dormant for 3,500 years

  1. Irene C says:

    I really don’t like the term “extinct volcano”. I consider it a really long-dormant volcano. Saying extinct gives the idea that it won’t come back to life. And since they’re observing it, they must be thinking that it could come back to life. I’m no geologist so this is just imo.


  2. ncmissouri says:

    18 meters isn’t very deep. With all of the vegetation around, it must rain quite a lot. I would have thought it would be much deeper, over 3500 years of collection going on. What’s the reason why it’s so shallow? Or am I misreading the information?


  3. Dewald says:

    Please check facts, Chato or rather currently “Cerro Chato” is located North West of Poas Volcano not South East.
    Good going


  4. Bone Idle says:

    Quote : Chato is considered an extinct volcano according to the authorities

    Volcanoes are not considered extinct until 10,000 years after last measured activity.
    At 3.500 years this volcano is considered “Dormant” not extinct.

    Chaiten in Chile erupted spectacularly back in 2008 after 9,500 years of inactivity.

    Costa Rica and it’s volcanoes are located on the so called “Ring of Fire” so anything is possible.

    Lake Toba volcano erupted 75,000 years ago with a extremely large world changing event. No one considers Toba dormant or inactive.


  5. nickk0 says:

    Agreeing with Bone Idle and Irene….. This volcano should be classified as ‘dormant’, not necessarily extinct.


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