Utopia: The “crisis of the Ages” is almost upon us

Storm 1

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4 Responses to Utopia: The “crisis of the Ages” is almost upon us

  1. soldier4yeshua says:

    Very likely this will be the war that is mentioned in Psalm 83 that will usher in the antichrist and thereafter the antichrist and false prophet will be destroyed by fire by Yahshua Messiah. May the Blessed Savior come soon.


  2. Dean says:

    *Is there suppose to be a story, or article, with this? I’ve clicked on it, but no article! The image, yes, but no article unless the text is invisible. *


  3. Daniel says:

    Utopia is a fascination since I read “The View Over Atlantis” by Daphne Vigers. I am trying to secure alternate accommodation for some of humanity perhaps as slaves with extraterrestrials, the recent MIRVing of the Russian SLBM created a 90kg portable H-bomb doubtless already being a topic of auction bidding between the Al Kaida, the Taliban, and ISIS at the N-Bazaar in Jordan, and just add a cobalt jacket and you can de-Earth the Solar System. Hard to plan a society on no planet to build it on. REMEMBER THE COBALT BOMB.


  4. Karen says:

    Jeremaih 4:6 Raise the signal to go to Zion! Flee for safety without delay! For I am bringing disaster from the north, even terrible destruction.”


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