Freak polar cold blast to bring unseasonably cold air in mid-July

July 2014CLIMATE – Many of the cold weather outbreaks this past winter were attributed to something called a Polar Vortex. This is where a flow pattern establishes in the upper atmosphere that draws cold arctic air down across the Canadian Prairies and down into the American mid-west and the Great Lakes region. The summer-time version of the Polar Vortex is about to arrive next week, bringing unusually cold air to the Great Lakes and much of central North America. Climatologically the middle part of July is usually the warmest time of year in Northern Ontario. Temperatures typically climb into the mid 20s during the warmest time of the day, while overnight lows remain above +10°C.  So this Polar Vortex couldn’t arrive at a worse time. Instead of warm summer-like conditions it will feel more like fall. Temperatures are likely to be 5-10°C below normal. This will keep daytime highs buried in the teens with overnight lows in the single digits. This cold air is expected to move as far south as Texas where record low temperatures could be broken.
 When you average the temperatures we have seen for the first 9 days of July we are already 3°C below normal. Adding on this upcoming cold outbreak will likely cause the entire month to end up below average. This would mean that six of the first seven months of 2014 have brought below normal temperatures in Northern Ontario – with only June being near normal.  When you compare the climatological factors at play, it is interesting to note that we can compare 2014 to previous years. 2002 and 2009 had many factors similar to this current year and if that trend continues it could mean good news for August. In those years the hottest weather waited until that last month of summer to arrive – let’s hope that’s the case again this year. So enjoy the warmer temperatures expected later this week because it appears we are in for an unseasonably cold run for next week. –Local 2
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23 Responses to Freak polar cold blast to bring unseasonably cold air in mid-July

  1. Helen Parks says:

    Even though I am not in the northern hemisphere, for the last few mornings (I get up quite early) I suddenly realized that the Belt of Orion was on the horizon where the sun was going to rise.
    I have never seen that before, because Orion is usually on the other side of the sky.
    Ursa Major is ”behind” Orion (to the left) so that makes it ”URSA RISING” – a term I saw in the quatrains of Nostradamus. Timing of an event, not sure which event (not on my own computer at the moment).
    Thus, consequently, the Earth must be starting its little dance which Isaiah spoke of. This might explain unusual cold weather in unusual places


  2. Mary says:

    Helen. I’m fairly sure that if the constellations had shifted in the sky the mainline news would be screaming about it and the impacts would be massive for the whole planet, not just the USA & Canada…..


  3. Scott432139 says:

    Snow in july? 

    From my Android phone on T-Mobile. The first nationwide 4G network.


  4. Liz says:

    Why don’t you publish the TRUTH? This is ALL Geo engineering manipulating the weather for control of food production and water. Wake up people!


  5. Irene C says:

    Can I scream now? This is NOT a Polar Vortex. This is a dip in the jet stream that is causing cooler air to move lower. This is not unusual. As a matter of fact, a cooler summer was forecasted at the beginning of the season so this isn’t unexpected. Being one who studies the weather and is thinking about going back to college (now that I”m retired and have time) for my degree in Atmospheric Science, I am getting so tired of the hype coming from the media just to generate more viewers and more income. So everyone repeat after me – #NOTaPolarVortex.

    On a side note, if we get frost and freeze warnings in Miami in July and August, then maybe I’ll get concerned. But for now, I will enjoy getting a good night’s sleep without having to use my air conditioner.

    (Sorry for the rant, Alvin. LOL)


    • LAURA,SCOTT/ says:

      You wont learn much at college ,its teachings are outdated, they will teach you gravity strongest force [wrong] big bang theory [wrong] darwins theory of evolution[wrong] and so on , keep your head in the sand dont look up.


      • Irene C says:

        @ Laura – Who says I’m going back to college to learn. Learning I can do at home, Colleges are for degrees so a person can convince other people how smart they are to hopefully get the job they want. But I do agree with the “wrongs” you listed and I am looking up.


  6. Ludwig (Belgium) says:

    6.8 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Near Fukushima !!!


  7. Ines Radman says:

    I”m in Croatia, the jewel of the Adriatic Sea and we are now in 24C where normally it is 35C. Freaky July, we have not had a summer yet in terms of steady sunshine. Normally the heat starts end of May and we see no rain until late October. It’s mid July and we have not yet had 3 days in a row of sunshine. Also, no chemtrails for 3 days now. This is the first time I have seen REAL clouds, you know the white cotton fluffy clouds? Today was first time I saw them in years. Something is up.


    • Thanks for the report, Ines. The climate appears to be in a state of chaos all across the planet. You’re right…
      Something is up



    • richfish30 says:

      I agree with you. The weather this summer isn’t meeting up to its hot summer terms. The temp is a lot more bearable then the year before averaging between 70-80 degrees and it has been raining just about every day in the afternoon, unlike the years before.


      • Deirdre says:

        Same here in Chattanooga TN. Rains almost every day. We may get a few days without. Not super hot like it usually is in the summer. It feels a little more like Florida.


  8. Joseph Sonny Skies says:

    Reviewed some astronomical data for late this year and it does look like an early winter for eastern USA. Looking at possible snow/sleet storm for east coast about December 7 / 8.


  9. Alexandra says:

    I talked to my Mom in Germany yesterday and she said that she turned the heat on – in July???. They live in the south and it was 9 celcius (48.2 degrees). I have been living in the States for almost 14 years and lived 28 years in Germany. I cannot remember such coldness in July ever.


  10. Dennis E. says:

    Chaos is taking control.
    Chaos in the weather.
    Chaos on the border.
    Chaos within the church.
    Chaos within families.
    Chaos within the government.
    Chaos in the workplace.

    Got no dog in this fight. More than we can handle.


  11. James says:

    @Irene C: “Can I scream now? This is NOT a Polar Vortex.”

    Irene, are you a saying you know more than accuweather’s meteorologists? This IS a polar vortex (air from the polar region). It doesn’t have to be winter season for a polar vortex to occur.

    “According to AccuWeather Meteorologist Carl Erickson, “The pattern is reminiscent of a major polar plunge that occurred this past winter, which was referred to as the Polar Vortex.”

    A piece of the Polar Vortex, and a summertime version at that will break off from the Arctic and drop southward this coming week.”


    • Irene C says:

      @James – Do I know more than AccuWeather Meteorologist Carl Erickson? Well, since you don’t know me, you don’t know what I do or do not know. But personally, no, not yet. At least not until I get my degree in Atmospheric Science. But my met friends just might know more and I have discussed this system with them. Calling this a “Polar Vortex” is nothing but hype (imo), used to scare people into falling for the “climate change” myth they are promoting. (Not talking about the natural occurring climate change that has been going on for millennia.) And many meteorologists are already stepping away from using this term. This is nothing more than a polar dip of the jet stream. We’ve seen it before and I”m sure we’ll see it again. Before taking the word from one source, I make sure I check all sources and the science behind it. But I thank you for your input.


  12. Debbie Anthony says:

    I live in the high desert southern california. Last night was the coldest I’ve felt this summmer. 98 0r 100 during the day and under 60 at night, not usual for here. Weird weather for sure.


  13. Tina Tenis says:

    I really wish in stories like these they would include the temperatures in Fahrenheit and not just Celsius for those of us who didn’t learn the metric system in school.


  14. taffyduff says:

    I am the other way round Tina. I have not a clue about Fahrenheit!! It throws me into utter confusion! If you freeze water at 0’c and you boil it to evaporation at 100’c then I know for example that -1’c is ‘whey hey’ its going to snow. 5’c is chilly and 45’c is somewhere I would not like to be caught out sunbathing.
    Fahrenheit! Whats that all about !? All to do with the absolute zero temperature!? Oh give me a break!


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