Katla Volcano stirs: glacial flood outburst, increased seismicity

July 2014 ICELAND – There are indications that a small glacial outburst flood is occurring in the river Múlakvísl, which originates in Mýrdalsjökull glacier, where the volcano Katla is located. The Civic Protection Department of the National Commissioner of the Icelandic Police declared yesterday a level of uncertainty because of the flood, which is believed to have started on July 2. Employees of the Icelandic Met Office have placed sensors on the new bridge that is being built across Múlakvísl to measure the water flow and conductivity in the river. The uncertainty level does not affect the bridge’s construction, ruv.is reports. There are a number of calderas near Katla, created by geothermal heat, but it is uncertain where the flood originates. Hydrogen sulfide is being carried into Múlakvísl and travelers are asked not to stop by the river because of dangerous gases, mbl.is reports.
Conductivity has also increased in the river Jökulsá, which originates in the Mýrdalsjökull glacial tongue Sólheimajökull, a popular tourist destination. “It isn’t unusual that a leak or minor flood of this kind comes from Mýrdalsjökull in the summer and it’s possible that the flow of water will increase,” a statement from the Met Office reads. “Data doesn’t indicate any bigger events following the flood but it is possible that a larger flood could happen suddenly with little notice.”A small glacial outburst flood occurred in Múlakvísl last year as well but exactly three years ago to the date a major flood occurred in the river, destroying the old bridge and tearing a hole in the Ring Road which interrupted the tourist season. –Iceland Review
Increased seismicity: Earthquakes have been more frequent recently under the volcano recently. Most of them were small (below mag. 3) and shallow events. It is unknown whether these relate to magmatic movements inside the volcano, increased hydrothermal activity or are adjustments of the ice cap due to increased melting. The government has declared “Uncertainty level” for Katla volcano yesterday. The largest hazard comes in the form of melt-water floods and sulfurous volcanic gasses dissolved in and released from glacial rivers. People are advised not to stop at Múlakvísl and Jökulsá and other glacier river valleys and keep cell phones turned on in order to be able to receive potential SMS alerts. Currently, there are no signs of an impending eruption at Katla. –Volcano Discovery
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4 Responses to Katla Volcano stirs: glacial flood outburst, increased seismicity

  1. For someone to assess the plausability of my theory:
    The inner core is solid and therefore can maintain a magnetic field. Why does solid ferrous metal maintain a magnetic field? Because the aligned domains are fixed in one direction. A liquid cannot maintain a unidirectional domain.

    The outer core, therefore, cannot be the source of the Earth’s magnetic field. However, it is the source of the domain structure of the inner core. How is this? The outer core, made of ferrous metal will induct and transduce the magnetic field of the inner core. It helps to transduce it to the the magma above, as well as back to the inner core. In reflecting a residue of the magnetic field of the same polarity the outer core will be repelled from inner core. This repulsion results in the inner and outer core rotating in opposite directions.

    Due to the fact that the Earth has been generally cooling down over time by way of radiating its heat to space, the outer core cools adding a layer to the inner core, just like an onion. The inner core’s outer layers are ordered by way of convection from the outer core and by way of the reflected magnetic field, thus laying down more ordered domains and enhancing the Earth’s magnetic field.

    Now to make the picture a little more complicated. Man comes along and along with natural processes prevents heat from escaping into space. The Earth begins to heat up and the magnetic field weakens as the inner core’s outer layers melt.

    Also, as the inner and outer core rotate opposite to each other, the inner core will in the process of time cross over one convection boundary of the outer core to another. Domains are laid down in opposite direction to the underlying ones?? This would cause cancellation of the magnetic field in multiple localised areas. This would happen all around the world at much the same time, giving rise to multiple poles and eventually a magnetic reversal as the new layer builds up over the underlying layers and becomes stronger.


  2. aswanash alehim says:

    from this day three days for, katla will erupt and four days after katla for hekla, i should evacuate all


  3. Debbie Anthony says:

    Well i’m no person of knowledge. I have always believed that the more oil we pump the less slippery we become. The less magnectic field we have because we can’t spin with out it….. remember I may have this all wrong. Thanks Alvin I really watch this site everyday.I usually don’t post. Love to all Humans!


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