445 dead: Deadly Ebola virus could hit Britain – virus ‘out of control’

July 2014HEALTH – A new outbreak of Ebola is sweeping across countries in West Africa as authorities struggle to contain it. It has already killed nearly 400 people who suffered multiple organ failure and hemorrhaging. And it could spread to the UK if action is not taken to prevent it. The disease is passed through bodily fluids such as blood, semen and sweat. It starts with fever and fatigue before causing multiple organ failure and massive internal bleeding. It is feared passengers flying into Paris might carry the disease and could bring it to the UK if they travel on to London using the Eurostar. The World Health Organization (WHO) warned the rapid spread of the infection could get worse. Dr Luis Sambo said: “WHO is gravely concerned of the ongoing cross-border transmission as well as the potential for further inter-national spread.” Since it surfaced around four months ago, 90% of infected people have died from the disease. The first case was recorded on March 21 in Guinea. Since then it has killed 280 people in the country as it spread from remote areas to the capital Conakry.
“There is no vaccine, effective treatment or cure for Ebola.” It is thought the outbreak could have begun in January. On March 30 the virus was reported in Liberia, killing 41 victims. By late May, it had hit Sierra Leone where it has claimed 46 lives. Authorities are working to educate people on how the virus, above, spreads and how to prevent it. The tradition of washing bodies before burial, for example, increases the risk of transmission. There is no vaccine, effective treatment or cure for Ebola. Some victims survive after being given fluids, ­electrolytes and oxygen. The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine said the only way to stop it from spreading to our shores would be to implement drastic control measures. Professor David Heymann said: “European hospitals have good infection control measures in place which involve isolating fevers of unknown origin and using good clinical practices.” He said hospitals had to keep up their vigilance to ensure Ebola did not strike in the UK. Ebola takes its name from a river in the Congo where it was first recognized in 1976. The American Center for Disease Control said it is likely that infected animals, such as fruit bats, passed on the disease to humans. –Daily Star
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16 Responses to 445 dead: Deadly Ebola virus could hit Britain – virus ‘out of control’

  1. Austin Kall says:

    This is probably going to spread more so and even accelerate in the drug/gay communities because its a body fluid bug.


  2. Please read this late 1960’s thinktank report that tells why all these diseases and viruses are being rabidly promoted by the media! These numbers that they have been touting are nothing new. All the viruses and diseases they are touting have been here forever. We have outbreaks every year of these! The iron mountain report will tell you why they are being advertised so rabidly today. The sheeples will start screaming for vaccinations and all the other nice platitudes that go with them, like autism, mercury poisoning, death, (which is their main objective for all “useless eaters”) and the like.


  3. I have been following this on BBC, this is scary especially if you have ever seen the movie “Outbreak” about this disease invading the US….


  4. bobby90247 says:

    Coming soon to America!!!


  5. lotenna says:

    the problem Is that Ebola doesn’t just kill, it brings stigmatisation and rejection. read stories from Africa here: http://lotenna.wordpress.com/


  6. Anni Mock says:

    Is it just me – or is anyone else thinking that “containment” = “martial law”?


    • niebo says:

      Hey AnniMock:

      “contain . . . drastic control measures . . . isolating”

      I see the language and discern the ominous tone of the article as a whole, but, in context, I think the insinuation is more “quarantine” than “martial law”. I mean, it’s a little early yet in the outbreak for the authorities to start locking down the place and shooting curfew-breakers, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t when the time comes, like, you know, when the outbreak explodes somewhere that has high population-density because those places, in the US, at least, tend to influence elections, and what on earth will the rulers do if all the subjects are dead and/or hemorrhaging all over the place? Who will pay for their suits and Mercedes Benzes? No, no, in such an event, panic will ensue, and fences will be erected, and certain segments of the population will be “contained” by “drastic control measures” and be left to fend for themselves. But, until it hits Boston or Barcelona or SoHo . . . the hoofbeats belong to horses, not zebras.


      • Anne says:

        If you’re not living in the U.S., you may not realize that the people you speak of – the citizens en masse, are not faring well. You are referring to the coastal areas where the Iluminati Elites live – on the East coast, and the West coast, and on the Gulf Coast, but not so much there, because the U.N. has its plan to contain the Gulf for itself.


    • Tasha kings says:

      Unfortunately is not just you….Same here…


  7. Colleen says:

    I bet it will be in America soon. We’d better keep praying!


  8. Anne says:



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