36: Flights grounded, as Indonesia’s Sangeang volcano erupts

May 2014INDONESIA – Some flights between Australia and Southeast Asia and all domestic flights operating out of Darwin airport in the country’s north were canceled on Saturday after the eruption of Sangeang Api in Indonesia’s south produced a large cloud of ash. International flights to and from Australia to Singapore, East Timor and the Indonesian holiday island of Bali were among those cancelled, including those departing from Australia’s eastern seaboard after an ash cloud from Sangeang Api’s initial eruption on Friday evening tracked across central Australia. “The volcano is undergoing a sustained, rather significant eruption at the moment, so for the last 10 hours we’ve been observing large masses of volcanic ash being generated,” Emile Jansons, manager of the Darwin Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre told Reuters. “At the moment it has slowed down a little bit since its initial big eruption, but nobody has a very good handle on what this volcano is likely to do in the next 24 hours or beyond,” Jansons said, adding that the last eruption of Sangeang Api of this magnitude occurred in 1999.
Based on weather conditions, the current ash cloud tracking across Australia is likely to dissipate before it reaches Australia’s eastern airports and major populations centres, Jansons said. Darwin will continue to be impacted until at least Sunday, he added. All flights into and out of Darwin International Airport were cancelled, spokeswoman Virginia Sanders confirmed. Darwin’s proximity to southeast Asia makes it an important Australian gateway to countries such as Indonesia and East Timor and an important hub for oil and natural gas off Australia’s north. Volcanic ash can be extremely dangerous to aircraft and cause engine failure or engine damage. Qantas Airways Ltd said it had cancelled all flights to and from Darwin on Saturday and its budget unit Jetstar had grounded nine international and domestic flights.
Virgin Australia Holdings cancelled all flights into and out of Darwin and all flights into and out of Bali on Saturday evening, spokeswoman Jacqui Abbott confirmed. “Our team of meteorologists are continuing to monitor the situation, in consultation with the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre,” the airline said in a statement. Regional carrier Airnorth, which flies many oil and gas workers to work in the region, also cancelled five flights on Saturday and a Tiger Airways Ltd domestic flight was also grounded. –NY Post
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3 Responses to 36: Flights grounded, as Indonesia’s Sangeang volcano erupts

  1. Dennis E. says:

    For those of you who might be interested.

    We are in a unusual tetrad blood moon cycle up to Sept 2015.

    A major prophecy teacher has made the observation that if we see a significant rise in volcanic action and tidal wave activity during this 15 month period, then the chances of the prophecy in Joel which speaks of the moon and stars refusing to give their light and the sun become as dark as sackcloth could be be fulfilled. Then the world is in a significant prophetic cycle. The roaring of the waves, translated, echo. A person who suffered through the 2004 Asian quake and tidal wave event said the waves sounds like an echo as they were coming on shore.

    Also, there is unconfirmed reports or deception that activity in yellowstone has increased.

    Also, major military equipment on trains out of the area that might be effected have been reported.

    Nevertheless, everyone needs to have, if they can, 30 days of supplies. I hope everyone has noticed the number of landslides lately in Western US.



  2. Irene C says:

    I’ve been seeing some fantastic pictures of this volcano. How something so deadly can sometimes have a look of beauty is amazing.


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