Two more Filipino healthcare workers die of MERS in Saudi Arabia

May 2014 SAUDI ARABIA – The Philippines said Thursday that two of its citizens working in Saudi Arabia have died from the MERS coronavirus. Foreign Department spokesman Charles Jose said their relatives have been informed and efforts were being made to bring the bodies home. “Our consul general in Jeddah confirmed that there were two Filipinos who died of MERS,” he told AFP. “The consulate is helping to repatriate their remains,” he said, adding that the deaths were recorded on May 12 and 18. The identities of the two, as well as other details, were not revealed to protect their relatives’ privacy. This brings the current death toll to 177 worldwide with about 652 reported infections. Thousands of Filipinos work in the Middle East, while it is estimated as many as 10 million work overseas to escape widespread poverty at home. –YME
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2 Responses to Two more Filipino healthcare workers die of MERS in Saudi Arabia

  1. Shepherd says:

    MERS appears to be nearly identical to SARS.
    Are they making up names? Are they creating lab virus to intentionally kill?
    Yes and yes. Depopulation – UN Agenda 21


  2. dongoliveros says:

    The philippine government should take further steps to avoid the spread of these virus and not just counting the number of deaths just like NDRRMC during super typhoon haiyan.


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