Climate shift: powerful tropical cyclones reaching peak intensity farther from equator …

May 2014 CLIMATE – According to a new study, powerful tropical cyclones are reaching peak intensity father from the equator and closer to the poles. Published today in the journal Nature, the study’s results show that over the past 30 years, tropical cyclones, or hurricanes and typhoons, are moving closer to the poles at a rate of about 33 miles per decade in the Northern Hemisphere and 38 miles per decade in the Southern Hemisphere. Kerry Emanuel, an MIT professor and co-author of the paper, says: “The absolute value of the latitudes at which these storms reach their maximum intensity seems to be increasing over time, in most places. The trend is statistically significant at a pretty high level.”  Emanuel says that trend seems consistent with a warming climate, adding that “it may mean the thermodynamically favorable conditions for these storms are migrating pole-ward.” The implications of these results are serious as the movement of peak intensity means regions further north and south of the equator, which before haven’t had to endure many landfalls by dangerous cyclones, may have greater exposure to these extreme weather events. This could lead to “potentially profound consequences to life and property” and “any related changes to positions where storms make landfall will have obvious effects on coastal residents and infrastructure.”
To conduct the study the researchers used international data from 1982 to 2012 that was collected by NOAA’s National Climactic Data Center and used the location of peak intensity of cyclones as a benchmark because it is a more consistent metric than statistics such as storm duration. There are regional differences in the pole-ward movement of cyclones, the fact that every ocean basin other than the northern Indian Ocean has experienced this change leads the researchers to suggest that this “migration away from the tropics is a global phenomenon.” Emanuel adds that the global mechanisms that underlie the trend are a matter for additional research. –Cleveland Leader
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5 Responses to Climate shift: powerful tropical cyclones reaching peak intensity farther from equator …

  1. Helen Parks says:

    In 8 10 2 Qu’on ne ƒaura l’origine du fait but they will not know its origin


  2. Irene C says:

    I thought this was fascinating. I’ll be interested in reading more studies on this.


  3. Dennis E. says:

    I thought I read that the ice field was increasing at both poles.?


  4. g9martin says:

    ‘Emanuel says that trend seems consistent with a warming climate…over the past 30 years’ unfortunately he has not kept pace with observed facts, there has been no climate warming for the past 17 years, indeed it is now cooling.


  5. Betsy Weggesser says:

    If the Scientists and our Governments would STOP CHEMICALLY GEO ENGINEERING our Climate And Our Jet Streams…We Wouldn’t Be Having This Problem…The Laymans Term For This Is CHEMTRAILS…And (The Polar Vortex)… The Use Of HAARP…A Government Project put into full use about 1996. It Is Actually Causing Global Warming and all the horrible and Dangerous Storms…It Is Destroying Our Eco System…These CHEMTRAILS contain Nano Particulates of Aluminum…Barium… Strodium…And Other Toxic Chemicals to manipulate the weather…This All comes down… and is poisoning Humanity…the Birds, The Bees, The Flowers, And The Trees, The Oceans And Marine Life…The Soil, And Our Food And Drinking Water…We Are All Breathing in This poison Everyday…Weather You Know It Or Not…It Is Affecting You… Look Up…And Ask Yourself…and Google…” What The Heck Are They Spraying.” Check Another Site… Dane Wigington will inform you with facts and Open Your Eyes…There are many other sites too…This Is Real…


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