Newly-discovered active volcano could erupt underneath ice in Antarctica and add to effects of global warming

May 2014ANTARCTICA – Antarctic ice sheet is being threatened by an undersea volcano. Antarctica’s ice sheets may face a far more imminent threat than climate change: scientists have found a new volcano forming a mile under the ice, which is threatening a full eruption. The volcano appears to be a part of much larger system that is generating earthquakes and releasing heat into the ice above. Volcanic activity was discovered around 30 miles from Antarctica’s highest volcano, Mount Sidley, and although an eruption would be unlikely to breach the ice – the accompanying heat could have an effect on the landscape. Even a sub-glacial eruption would still be able to melt ice, creating huge amounts of water which could flow beneath the ice and towards the sea – hastening the flow of the overlying ice and potentially speed up the rate of ice sheet loss. “Numerous volcanoes exist in Marie Byrd Land, a highland region of West Antarctica,” said Amanda Lough, of Washington University in St Louis in the team’s paper on the subject, published in the Nature Geoscience journal.
“High heat flow through the crust in this region may influence the stability of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet.” The Antarctic ice sheet is one of the Earth’s two polar ice caps and covers an area of 5.4 million square miles – around 98 percent of the continent, making it the largest single mass of ice on earth. Although scientists have suggested that sea ice around the continent is increasing, land ice appears to be decreasing and the area is very sensitive to global warming.  Seismologists had set up two crossing lines of seismographs across Marie Byrd Land in 2010 – the first time such instruments able to withstand the cold temperatures year-round had been used. –Daily Mail
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3 Responses to Newly-discovered active volcano could erupt underneath ice in Antarctica and add to effects of global warming

  1. andy says:

    Antarctica is almost the size of North America. Will one volcano destabilize and melt it? It’s not happening even in Iceland and volcanoes erupt there under ice all the time. Ice still covers the Iceland last time I checked))


  2. Vinny says:

    Lets get the facts straight, IF, that where to happen it would be a natural process WE, human beings have zero control over volcanos. Like global warming or whatever the political liars want to call it, it is suppose to be “Man Made”.


  3. fufu says:

    A 4 Month Time-lapse of Recent Global #Earthquakes Will Surprise and Scare You


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