Block-long sinkhole swallows cars in Baltimore, Maryland

May 2014 MARYLAND – A block-long sinkhole opened up in a residential neighborhood in rain-soaked Baltimore on Wednesday, devouring cars and forcing the evacuation of several houses. The sinkhole opened next to railroad tracks used by CSX in the first block of 26th Street in northeast Baltimore, the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management said. A photo uploaded to the Twitter account showed several cars swallowed in the pit. CSX said an embankment collapsed onto the railroad tracks. It said rail traffic in the area has been suspended. Residents in the rowhouses on the block were being evacuated and a building inspector was called to the scene, the fire department said. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said there were no injuries or fatalities. Cars sit on the edge of a sinkhole in the Charles Village neighborhood of Baltimore, April 30, as heavy rain moved through the region. –NBC News
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11 Responses to Block-long sinkhole swallows cars in Baltimore, Maryland

  1. Irene C says:

    The Weather Channel just showed a video of this that someone had sent in. They had filmed it as it was happening. Just amazing.


  2. cagey says:

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know, that this was not a sinkhole. Unfortunately it was initially called such, but it simply was not. I’m familiar with this location and it was a landslide/retaining wall failure.. There was a long wall running along the trench. The trench is railroad tracks leading into the tunnel. There have been complaints about the erosion of the soil and the sinking of the wall since the 90s. This time around, the weather was simply too much for it.


    • megan fowler says:

      That is not a sinkhole. a sinkhole usually occurs when the underground aquifer is depleted and the top ground(usually limestone) above it collapses. Most commonly happens in Florida and Georgia but anyplace where the water is depleted and there is nothing else to support the earth above it. We used to call them “lime sinks” when I was a youth.


  3. niebo says:

    “CSX said an embankment collapsed. . . .” Seems like, after the flood that resulted from Hurricane Katrina, the Corps of Engineers said something similar about the levee for the Ninth Ward, so . . . oops? “Sorry, but, if you don’t have insurance, well, tough, because no one is accountable.”


  4. Todd M. says:

    This is not a sink hole… it is a mud slide or collapse of river bank after erosion ate away the river bank and caused it to fail. Please!


  5. These events are now happening more and more around our globe. Here too in the UK! Thanks again my friend. Sue


  6. Dennis E. says:

    How about this. Who would think that the earth would be so unstable?
    Sinkholes are appearing all over the world and many here in The USA.
    Sinkholes reporting seems to becoming a common occurrence these days.
    I think something is going on under our country.


  7. Emri says:

    This is not a sinkhole. This is not a sinkhole. This is not a sinkhole.


  8. carol says:

    fracking and sinkholes or whatever you want to call them.


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