Pacific Ring of Fire becoming increasingly more active

Global Quakes in Ring of Fire April 11 Sm
April 2014 GEOLOGY – The season of hyper seismicity which I warned would unfold across the globe from March 15 to April 12 continues in earnest with a dazzling display of increased seismic events erupting along the peripheral boundaries of the Pacific Plate in the Ring of Fire. This latest burst of seismic activity reflects dramatic, intense changes occurring deep within the interior of the planet as gradient pressures become increasingly more erratic. Powerful churning forces generated from gradient fluctuations, which boil magma, awaken dormant volcanoes, perturb dormant fault systems, and incinerate massive slabs of rock continue to build deep below the planet’s surface. The increased risks from some of these cataclysmic forces are seen in the latest round of large tremors striking the globe which are occurring at depths greater than what is normally observed with most recent large earthquakes. Chile’s 8.2 earthquake occurred at a depth of 20 km, and the 7.7 magnitude earthquake which followed erupted much deeper at a depth of 31 km. The 7.1 magnitude earthquake which struck Papua New Guinea on April 11 occurred at a depth of 50 km and the 6.6 which struck Nicaragua on the same day was recorded at a depth of 138 km.
Subduction zone earthquakes have a tendency to occur at greater depths than other earthquakes, so are we just seeing more of them? The USGS even recorded a faint 2.5 magnitude earthquake 38km NNW of Ester, Alaska on April 11 at a depth of more than 99 km below the surface. Similarly, on April 11, a 4.1 magnitude earthquake struck 49km E of Farkhar, Afghanistan at more than 203 km underground and a 4.1 magnitude earthquake struck 173km NE of Lambasa, Fiji that was more than 452 km underground. Why are even such small tremors occurring now so deep underground? These forces will continue to unsettle the broken patchwork of tectonic plates which make up Earth’s lithosphere and that consequently will foster more geological activity across the planet – particularly in subduction zones where huge slabs of rock are being violently pressed down under the weight of another. Stress in building on the Pacific Plate, as a series of powerful earthquakes ripple back and forth along the peripheral plate boundary- from Chile to Papua New Guinea back to Nicaragua. People living in high-risk seismic hazard zones should remain alert for the potential occurrence of large-scale seismic events.
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12 Responses to Pacific Ring of Fire becoming increasingly more active

  1. Ray Of Strength says:

    Japan is gonna get rocked again and how about that New Madrid adjustment.


  2. Dennis E. says:

    Yes, and a lot of other stuff happening too……….


  3. Joseph Sonny Skies says:

    This is quite interesting in that we are not even near the tidal pulls of a new or full moon. Soon we will have a full moon and the pull of it’s tide on the magma. I can only imagine what kind breaching of the Earth’s crust will occur with that. Also; this will be the first of four blood moons all occurring on Jewish holidays and the moon during this eclipse will be positioned near the planet Mars. Astronomical drama to help give us a clue as to what is happening to this planet? Perhaps.


  4. Jamie S. says:

    In your honest opinion does this all seem like a run away train? Is there any hope at all that things will settle down? I found it quite funny that people were so quick to debunk the mayan’s when it came to the date of 2012 but if you really think about it, the few years it has been since then and the ramp up of everything….I would say that who gives two hoots about a few years wrong either way. They were correct.


  5. jim yorks says:

    The Mayans were right on they never said the world was going to end but that changes were coming. If you’re not ready by now you never will be. Maybe I’m crazy but when I woke up the day the 8.2 happened I could somehow sense that something was going to happen. Just like now I’m headed home to be with my family something’s coming and it’s going to be big Take Care and buy lots of rice and beans


  6. Korinna says:

    I just wanted to thank you again for this website.

    I’ve started studying a bachelor of environment and sustainability and it just reaffirms everything you say. I just wish more people had a clue 😦


  7. Nishkia Star says:

    Mother Earth is Tired of Mans Disrespect for what she has provided for all all so we may live.. Man just keeps taking and not giving Thanks to God for all we have been given.. Energy Companies especially have had many chances to provide cleaner energy and get off oil it’s destroying this beautiful Planet in an amazing Universe.. We can do er we want but the real truth is is we are just a part of the whole.. When we become off balance as human which we are we are causing a greater affect in the unbalancing of the earth.. This causes unbalance in the Universe. Many Great civilizations have fallen on earth Before us for the same reasons.. Balance is the key to all Life…


  8. Ian says:

    Check out John Casey. In the cosmic scheme our planet is a large capacitor that charges and discharges in direct response to the solar cycle. The discharge of the earth capacitor manifests in seismic and volcanic activity. The sun has gone into a dormant mode as it failed reach maximum during its last cycle. The earth capacitor was not recharged during the last solar cycle and is now in dramatic discharge mode as can be readily observed on a daily basis. John Casey points out with incontrovertible evidence that we are entering a very cold epoch…another Ice Age…due to the sun going into a quiescent mode. This descent into a long overdue Ice Age will be accelerated by volcanic eruptions which will spew vast amounts of particulates into the atmosphere further reducing solar energy reaching the surface of the planet. Strap on your seat belts…planet earth is in for a very rough ride.


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