Is it an omen of an imminent eruption: are animals fleeing Yellowstone Park?

March 2014WYOMING A number of bloggers are posting videos that show bison and other animals allegedly leaving Yellowstone National Park, prompting theories that as earthquakes ramp up the seismic activity will set off the Yellowstone supervolcano. Two of the main bloggers behind the discussion stress that there’s no way to know when the supervolcano will go off but note that the 4.8 magnitude earthquake that hit on March 30 seemed to set off a reaction from the animals, who are moving for a reason. “Whether I believe this, or whether I don’t believe the story or not, I don’t know. I can tell you this story I saw this morning about the buffaloes running the street … whether or not it’s because of any activity in Yellowstone or not, I don’t know,” said blogger Jay Lee, who posted a story on his site “But I’ll tell you this, whatever the case may be, that their running away from Yellowstone is an alert of some sort.” “It also could be from this video, where poachers are killing them, chasing them, abusing them, running them around,” he said. “Could be hundreds of things for them to be running. I wanted you to listen [to the videos] and make up your own mind on what to think.” A series of smaller quakes have hit the region over the past few weeks, and those quakes have been linked to the recent 5.1 magnitude quake (and aftershocks) that hit in the Los Angeles region.
Tom Lupshu, who describes himself as a “noted Ohio survivalist and search-and-rescue expert,” said on YouTube that nearly one quarter of the northern elk herd at Yellowstone National Park are missing, according to the annual winter count. “Biologists aren’t sure if there’s been a stunning decline in the herd or if other factors have skewed the tally,” he said. “Current Helium releases at 1000 times above normal. Complete media blackout. Herds of bison running for their lives on the public roadways and they were not being chased or rounded up, the bison were running down the mountain slopes onto roadways running right past a filming crew. They detect something vast and deadly. The Yellowstone Supervolcano is the only thing there that would fit the bill.” Lupshu said in a later video that scientists say they can’t predict when the Supervolcano will erupt. “But one thing is for sure. The more the Earthquakes in the region, the more are the chances of the volcano being activated from its dormant state. Last time an earthquake struck in 1980. But the force of nature has acted up once again.” The supervolcano refers to the huge magma chamber beneath the park, which is in Wyoming. –Epoch Times
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22 Responses to Is it an omen of an imminent eruption: are animals fleeing Yellowstone Park?

  1. secretangel says:

    Thanks for sharing… The animals know.


  2. Chris says:

    They might be reacting to aftershocks. Animals have a keen sensitivity to earth changes.


    • Chris says:

      Those aftershocks being too small for humans to feel. This warrants an investigation though.


      • John says:

        The caption of the original video claims that they are running deeper INTO the park, and suggests that this is a normal phenomenon:

        “March 14, 2014 — This herd of Yellowstone National Park Bison dashes from Mammoth Hot Springs eastward along the roadway and deeper into the park. If the herd matriarch gets the urge to run, she will … and the entire herd will run to keep up.”


  3. sulah1 says:

    This cannot be a good sign.

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  4. Karen says:

    God bless you. How to prepare is through the Promise God gave us since the Exodus(Ex12;12-14)- The Passover. When you celebrate the Passover (Matthew 26:26-28) nothing can touch you, no plaque, not even the last one. Passover 12 April 2014.


  5. Irene C says:

    I’m not sure if this is a sign for am imminent eruption, but it could be because of the recent seismic swarms. I tend to be skeptical on speculation, however, it definitely should be noted. The animals are very much in tune with their surroundings.


  6. Wiseguy says:

    This video is made from CGI animation, it’s fake !!!!


  7. Ann Floch says:

    Here we go!!!!


  8. James says:

    I live in Montana. The animals do strange things. They might just be fleeing aftershocks or something else. Billings right now has had record amounts of snow since winter began they are at around 100 inches of snow. They have never had that much. All of Montana is above average. We were in Billings a few years ago when the Yellowstone River flooded. Spring is coming and in a few months I expect to see flooding in various areas throughout Montana.

    Highly unlikely it would be a super volcano eruption that they are fleeing. An event that large would cause animals to fleeing in a much larger radius. We would be seeing it way up here in the falls. Nothing out of the normal is going on. You might even see animals fleeing in the northern parts of Colorado if it was the super eruption.

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  9. K80 says:

    Alvin, I know you have been tracking all the volcanos and earthquakes lately. We all know the earth is becoming more active and you have said this is just the beginning of things to come. Does your research include Yellowstone? The signs seem to point to increased volcanic activity at Yellowstone. This volcano is one to keep an eye on for sure; I am interested in your thoughts on this?


  10. Jose Azzari says:

    They’re not strolling, they’re running away from something and they’re smart enough to take the fastest way out even though asphalt is more uncomfortable for them.


  11. Agree with Wiseguy. If it’s real, where are the shadows from the orange posts? They should cut across the road at the same angle as the bison shadows.

    They don’t because it’s all computer generated.


  12. JoePrep says:

    This is a very common occurrence at Yellowstone. We live close to Yellowstone and frequent the park. Seeing the Bison run on the road is VERY common. All it takes is for someone to video it, couple that with a few earthquakes and it is the end of time. This is a seismically active area and periodic earthquake swarms are normal. We have had years were there were 1,000s of earthquakes in a period of a few months. We did have a very large quake (for this region) recently but it is not unprecedented. Just Google the 1859 Hebgen Lake earthquake and you’ll see. That earthquake created a landslide that actually created another lake, Quake lake.


  13. devine ned says:

    I agree that this video is a fake. Please see:

    Keep up your good efforts Alvin.


  14. silverstreek says:

    Looking at the video, all I can say is it’s eerie! Animals are in tune with their surroundings. Watching them run as a group heading in the same direction as if they were spooked by something gives me a feeling they know something we don’t. If we all hear about wild animals migrating to areas not familiar to them in the next few days and weeks? I’m not sure we can say their odd behavior is due to after-shocks? Something big may be coming our way?.


  15. Dboy says:

    Time will tell what sparked this.


  16. Charlie says:

    I would like to believe there is more bison than that in Yellowstone besides if it was an evacuation more than just bison would b running down the road


  17. Joseph says:



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