The Extinction Protocol Radio

TEP Radio

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8 Responses to The Extinction Protocol Radio

  1. Dana Hall says:

    Radio? I wish there is something for me to read becsuse I am deaf (unable tho hear). I have been faithfully reading this extinction protocol because I would be “first” aware of whats going on with our world than media does. Keep up the good work so I can sharing other deaf people whats to expected to come. Mr Hall


  2. Bene says:

    Indeed they are the beginning of the times of sorrows.Only the very front end is upon us.


  3. katie says:

    Hello, i have tried several times now to find the extinction protocol podcast on the but cannot find any archive or program with the words “Extinction Protocol” in show title.

    can you please drop a specific direct url to the podcasts of your show, and also the exact name of the show, and the full name of the host. thanks.


  4. I look at things from several angles, but when I knew that Searl was welcomed in China I started looking for a DDW. Sure enough the Russians have opted to MIRV their SLBMs and in order to cram ten H bombs into one missile from a submarine (one rocket could kill ever Australian and five could kill every American) they had to build a LIGHTER AND THEREFORE MORE PORTABLE 90kg warhead. That can be tatted up with a waistcoat of Cobalt and you could have the spark to light up the oxygen fission chain reaction setting off the air, the oceans, and the crust turning what was Earth into a molten blob of lava. Searl has extraterrestrials doing interstellar so ordinary people can be taken to resettle on other planets, not just the elites that aliens like to headhunt. We humans need some “normal” society to recover in after the stresses of competent elite work. Average to below are considered a social luxury so we got to bring our own. Antigravity involves ships that are electrically charged to millions of Volts do not touch the ship from outside as it powers up. We got some chance to go before we blow. Not a done deal. The Indo-China space race has a survival motif. GET SCARED NOW. By now I could run a class in basic antigravity trade work as well as various mental augmentation techniques to reach higher skill levels. Work, work, work.


  5. chrissy says:

    I’m a little worried about yellow stone and if another big earthquake happens again in fuk. japan, I heard in nov. that tepco and japan gov. were going to start removing the fuel rods from building four because it’s sinking in the ground.


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