100 recent earthquakes reported in swarm near Mt. Hood volcano

March 2014 GOVERNMENT CAMP, Ore. (KOIN) — Mount Hood has seen nearly 100 earthquakes in the past few days, but a local seismologist said they are nothing to worry about. Geologists said most of the recent earthquakes have been small with only 30 actually being large enough to tell where they occurred. Researchers said these earthquake swarms happen several times a year and are nothing to worry about. “I wouldn’t say be worried but maybe expect to feel an earthquake. It’s always interesting to feel an earthquake next to a volcano. These swarms in the past have produced earthquakes that were felt at Government Camp,” said Seth Moran, a seismologist at USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory. According to Moran, the quakes are not being caused by magma in the volcano moving, but instead by the tectonic plates shifting. Mount Hood last erupted in 1790. –Koin
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22 Responses to 100 recent earthquakes reported in swarm near Mt. Hood volcano

  1. Irene C says:

    Nothing to worry about. I like that. And it hasn’t erupted since 1790, so there’s no reason it will erupt in the near future, Right? Okay, I’ll go back to sleep now.


  2. Irene C says:

    5.1 Earthquake Shakes Los Angeles Area, USGS Says

    A 5.1 earthquake hit the Los Angeles area Friday night, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.

    The quake, initially measured at 5.3 magnitude then raised to 5.4 before being revised downward, hit at 9:09 p.m. Pacific time and was felt across the Los Angeles area. It was centered between the cities of La Habra and Brea in Orange County, about 20 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles.

    It was preceded about an hour earlier by a magnitude-3.6 quake and was followed by a swarm of small quakes that also reached magnitude-3.6 in about the same area, according to the USGS website.

    NBC Los Angeles reported that residents across Southern California reported feeling the quake, including Barstow to the northeast and Dana Point to the south.

    There were no initial reports of significant damage. But Metro Los Angeles tweeted that trains would slow for inspections of tracks and equipment and riders should expect delays.

    The USGS said the quake was very shallow, just 1.2 miles deep.

    USGS geophysicist Dale Grant said the quake was categorized as a “Felt IV” — moderate but not expected to cause significant damage or injuries.

    “We’ll probably have more felt quakes tonight,” USGS geophysicist Bob Dollar told the Orange County Register.

    The newspaper said there were reports that a rockslide closed at least one road and that water mains had broken in Fullerton.

    Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said in a news release that no damage had been found by police or firefighters within that city.



  3. Lela says:

    no worries, just keep on doing your daily living…then BOOM then they will say, there were signs but no one heeded the warnings.


  4. Anne says:

    The entire west coast of California, Oregon, Washington and B.C., have been inundated with various magnitude EQ’s daily especially during the new moon tidal effects and solar flares, which can also trigger volcanic activity. I think it is more serious than they are willing to admit.


    • Yes, Anne, the situation is more serious than they are willing to admit. After all, if the scientists announced that a major eruption of Mt. Hood or a major earthquake along the Cascadia Subduction Zone was imminent, there is the possibility that it could start a panic and many thousands would flee. Also, they are hesitant to make any predictions because they are afraid of looking foolish if they are wrong. Looking at things realistically, an eruption of Mt. Hood is entirely possible; remember, the Mt. St. Helens eruption began with earthquake swarms similar to this one. And regarding the Cascadia Subduction Zone, in the last three years there has been considerable activity at either end and next to nothing in the middle; common sense and even a rudimentary knowledge of seismology says that in such a case the pressures in the middle section have been increasing due to the changes in pressure at each end. It’s time we accepted the fact that the Pacific Northwest is a geologically dangerous place to live and the experts, no matter how smart they are or how good their intentions may be, still can do little more than make educated guesses regarding future events.


    • Erika says:

      I believe wholeheartedly that you are correct. I also believe that people need to get prepared and realize that these quakes are going to get stronger and start doing serious damage. I also believe that volcanoes are “waking” up and they will be “coming online” and being “active” soon! That includes Mt. Hood and Creator Lake. Has anyone said anything about the cone that is building on Mt. St, Helens? I am old enough to remember when everyone said don’t worry about that one… there’s quakes up there all the time… it won’t blow up anytime soon. How many people died? Maybe only 57 or so, but the fact still remains that we were told “Don’t worry about it, quakes happen all the time, there is nothing going on.” and then IT HAPPENED!


    • Dave Neff says:

      I fear the Cascadia subduction zone is ready to break with an EQ and tidal wave – it has been calm since 1700. With the recent EQ in Peru and Chile, I fear a huge quake is coming soon . . .


  5. Kate Peterson says:

    This is buffalo running down the road out of yellowstone park …. lots and lots of buffalo, and another report states that 1/2 the elk have just disappeared. It’s never a good sign when animals leave in a hurry.


  6. I would take issue with seismologist Seth Moran’s assertion that the swarm of quakes was not caused by magma moving but by the “tectonic plates shifting”. When tectonic plates shift you get earthquake activity along the plate boundaries, which in this case are over 150 miles west of Mt. Hood. Most seismologists and vulcanologists will tell you that when you get a swarm of small quakes centered on a volcano it is due to magma moving. Was Moran being disingenuous or simply mistaken? Only he might know, but the bottom line is that his assertion is not accurate.


  7. Harold says:

    A series appeared after a week again. Jolt appeared repeatedly in the same manner, a timing of a jolt at each of seven stations was the same as the first series. The same pattern continued every week since 2014-02-11. Till 2014-03-18, there were six times of a series starting on 2014-02-11 (1st), 2014-02-18 (2nd), 2014-02-25 (3rd), 2014-03-04 (4th), 2014-03-11 (5th) and 2014-03-18 (6th).
    The 7th started on 2014-03-25. In this series, each jolt of five stations of VNDA, LPAZ, BOSA, CPUP and DBIC was a pattern same as six times of past series, though each of LBTB and PLCA showed a change.


  8. madgicalcats says:

    These, plus the other Ring of Fire quakes in the past six weeks, prompted me to put my earthquake kit in order.


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