6 more bodies discovered in Washington mudslide; death toll rises to 14

March 2014WASHINGTONSix more bodies were found Monday in the massive Washington mudslide, bringing the death toll to 14, officials said. The announcement confirming the deaths came from the Snohomish County Twitter account. A news conference was scheduled for early Monday evening. Despite the efforts of rescuers, no survivors have been found since the Saturday mudslide just east of Oso. The square-mile debris field smashed through a rural cluster of homes about an hour’s drive north of Seattle. Officials said early Monday that they had preliminary reports of 108 missing people, though they cautioned that the number was “soft” and would probably change. At least seven people remained hospitalized Monday, including a 22-week-old boy in critical condition. The infant, Duke Suddarth, whose condition officials said was improving, was hospitalized along with his mother, Amanda Skorjanc, 25, who was in satisfactory condition.
Fearing more moving earth at the site of Saturday’s disaster, search-and-rescue workers were pulled back Monday afternoon from searching for the dead and missing, officials said. “There are concerns about additional slides in the same area affected Saturday,” Snohomish County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Shari Ireton told reporters. “Ground crews have pulled back, and geologists are on the ground.” There were still more than 100 responders in the field Monday afternoon, Ireton said, using search dogs, hovercraft, air support and sonar devices to look for survivors and victims in the square mile of deep debris. –LA Times
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5 Responses to 6 more bodies discovered in Washington mudslide; death toll rises to 14

  1. Irene C says:

    Oh my. I didn’t realize it was up to 14 now. 😦 Praying for these poor people.


  2. mtnwolf63 says:

    See all the dead trees in the background? I wonder if that has something to do with the Landslide? There are so many dead trees the roots can’t hold the ground in place after a heavy rain.


  3. Dennis E. says:

    I wonder if any of the earthquakes off shore caused this?
    If, not then what caused this.


    • Irene C says:

      Dennis E. – After I read your comment I found this article. I thought you and anyone else might be interested.

      Washington state mudslide preceded by small earthquake


      A 1.1 magnitude earthquake occurred right behind the site of the massive mudslide that decimated the community of Oso in Washington state on Saturday, officials have confirmed.

      Map – March 10 M1.1 earthquake behind mudslide area
      MAP | Oso mudslide and March 10 earthquake

      Snohomish County emergency management director John Pennington said a search of recent records discovered the small earthquake struck on March 10.

      It remains unclear what role, if any, the quake played in the slide that struck two weeks later, on March 22…


  4. Northwestjeff says:

    Those are not dead trees. They are deciduous and are only dormant maple and alder trees.
    I am missing a sweetheart who has a cabin on the river in Oso, i don’t know what caused this calamity- living about 60 miles south I can say we have only been getting the normal amount of rain maybe even a little less than normal. I think this is probably the result of natural occurring erosion. There are no significant manufacturing or defense facilities downstream so for you HARP people sorry, no conspiracies here only the pain and recovery of loss..


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