Sun unleashes powerful X4.9 flare

February 2014SPACELong-lived sunspot AR1967 returned to the Earthside of the sun on Feb. 25th and promptly erupted, producing an X4.9-class solar flare.  This is the strongest flare of the year so far and one of the strongest of the current solar cycle. A movie from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory shows the explosion hurling a loop of hot plasma away from the blast site: Coronagraphs onboard the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory tracked this material as it raced away from the sun, eventually forming a bright CME, pictured below. Radio emissions from shock waves at the leading edge of the CME suggest an expansion velocity near 2000 km/s or 4.4 million mph. If such a fast-moving cloud did strike Earth, the resulting geomagnetic storms could be severe. However, because its trajectory is so far off the sun-Earth line, the CME will deliver a no more than a glancing blow. NOAA forecasters expect a weak impact late in the day on Feb. 26th. – Space Weather
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2 Responses to Sun unleashes powerful X4.9 flare

  1. Irene C says:

    I’m so thankful that this wasn’t aimed at us, however, the next one could.


  2. Harold says:

    IF UKRANIA ASK FOR HELP To NATO EU USA , Are they go to do it ,,,, WWIII

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