Recent Caribbean earthquakes spark concern

Barbados 6.5
February 2014CARIBBEANTwo earthquakes greater than 5.0 have rocked the Caribbean in the last week and concerns have been growing for a major tremor in the region. On Tuesday, Feb. 18, a strong 6.5-magnitude quake occurred about 100 miles north-northeast of Bridgetown, Barbados. According to Dr. Joan Latchman, the Director of the Seismic Research Unit of the University of the West Indies, it was the strongest tremor since 1980 in the area. Three days later, on Feb. 21, a 5.1-magnitude seismic event occurred near Aruba. While both of these quakes did not cause much damage, they are a reminder that the Caribbean remains a very active seismic zone, prone to earthquakes at anytime. Earthquakes are common in the Caribbean, but most are less than 3.0 on the Richter Scale. The two recent, stronger rumbles have rekindled memories of highly destructive earthquakes over the past few hundred years. The Caribbean has a long history of destructive tremors. One of the most infamous occurred in 1692 when a 7.5-magnitude quake dismantled the city of Port Royal, Jamaica. Much of the city was submerged under water, and thousands of people lost their lives. The Caribbean Plate is sandwiched between numerous tectonic plates including the North American and South American. It is the North American that helps form the Puerto Rico Trench, with depths over 28,000 feet, north of the U.S. territory.
This zone of subduction, where one tectonic plate slowly slide below another, is a concern to many geophysicists. While destructive quakes, such as the highly destructive Haiti tremor of 2010, have occurred recently, there has not been a major earthquake associated with the Puerto Rico Trench in over 200 years. The last event was a 8.1 tremor in 1787. According to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, based in Massachusetts, there have been a dozen earthquakes in the region over the past 500 years. The institution also notes that tsunamis are a concern and three quakes have been accompanied by a tsunami in Puerto Rico since 1867, the last being in 1946. With an influx of people to many islands of the Caribbean over the last few decades, much more infrastructure exists across the islands than was around throughout much of the 20th century. A major tremor and potential accompanying tsunami could cause utter destruction to populated areas and create serious economic hardship. –Accuweather
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10 Responses to Recent Caribbean earthquakes spark concern

  1. There are so many small islands out there with nothing to stop a Tsunami.. Lets hope a big one is not going to happen.. Again thank you for all the information you put out there Alvin…


  2. Dennis E. says:

    1) There has been several postings on the internet regarding concerns not only to this area but also the Eastern Sea Board of the USA.
    One posting even reported the pre-positioning of body bags and FEMA support equipment.
    Those who live in Florida should be aware, I think.


  3. Lorraine Feliciano says:

    Adding the following information to recent Carbbean earthquakes: 6.5 magnitude quake struck Monday, January 13, 2014 – 35 miles north of Hatillo, Puerto Rico at a depth of 17 miles (28 kilometers), according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The largest quake in that area in many years.


  4. Steven Cass says:

    Just a quick question, if I may. I’ve always wondered how they measure quakes from a bygone era. For instance, the article says a 7.5 struck in 1692. How are they able to measure that? Just curious. Been reading your other site Utopia as well, it’s amazing, and disconcerting, how fast things are escalating! God Bless!


  5. Geraldine Callaghan says:

    I have relatives vacationing in Aruba should I be concerned ?


  6. Harold says:

    march april may this 3 months will be a very busy ones , look for a safe place is
    not the end of nothing anyways social system plus geology and space weather
    will show us all we have to learn we have to learn again , how will you learn if
    you already know everything , empty you cup so you can re fill it , empty it please pls
    to live in illusion is dangerous but to live down 1500 ft sea level is fatal ,
    bom boa ya shhhh


  7. zenobiusz says:

    Reblogged this on Zenobiusz and commented:
    Od 18 lutego cisza ,nie ma o czym donosić,jakby wszystkie moce demoniczne i Boża uwaga koncentrowały się na Ukrainie.Nie ma trzęsień wulkany czają się pogoda jakby została zatrzymana w rozwoju nawałnic.


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