Storms, high winds batter flooded parts of Britain

February 13, 2014 LONDONFlooded communities in Britain faced a fresh battering from storms and high winds on Wednesday, with hundreds more homes threatened by the advancing waters. Gusts approaching 100 miles (160 kilometers) per hour tore at parts of England and Wales, and the River Thames was predicted to rise to its highest level in more than 60 years in places, threatening towns and villages to the west of London. One man died after being electrocuted while attempting to move a fallen tree in Wiltshire, south west England, police announced. More than 1,100 properties along the Thames have been flooded since January 29, authorities said. More soldiers were drafted in to rescue residents and lay sandbags in deluged villages where primary schools have been transformed into makeshift emergency centers. The Met Office national weather service issued a red warning — the highest threat level — for “exceptionally strong winds” in western parts of Wales and northwest England. Coastal areas in western England could also be flooded after being pounded by high waves. Fourteen severe flood warnings — indicating a danger to life — were in place in Berkshire and Surrey to the west of London, while two remain in Somerset in southwest England, the first area to be badly hit. Forecasters said 70 millimetres (2.75 inches) of rain would fall by Friday in southwest England. Emergency efforts were picking up following criticism of a sluggish response, and the military said 2,000 soldiers were available to help, with hundreds pressed into action already. In Wraysbury, the Thameside village that has been submerged since the weekend, 83-year-old Jennie Francis’s house has flooded and her hallway was filled with water. She has been forced to take refuge at her son’s home, but she said the arrival of the army had made a huge difference to the village’s morale. “The soldiers have been absolutely marvellous, it’s wonderful to have them here. People were cross before, but now they are relieved to have some help,” she told AFP. “The soldiers have been going around knocking on people’s doors asking for help. They’re lovely.”
The bad weather also hit midweek football fixtures, with Manchester City’s Premier League match with Sunderland and Everton’s game with Crystal Palace both called off.  The embattled Environment Agency — the government body responsible for flood defences which has faced the brunt of criticism — fought to defend its reputation. One of its officials, David Murphy, addressed Wraysbury’s residents alongside volunteer flood warden Su Burrows — who berated Britain’s defence minister on live television on Tuesday. Although Murphy faced a few angry questions he got a round of applause, and Burrows told the crowd: “These guys are our friends.” The Environment Agency’s chief executive, Paul Leinster, said: “We continue to have teams out on the ground 24/7 working to protect lives, homes, businesses, communities and farmland.” Prime Minister David Cameron chaired the government’s COBRA emergency committee and then told parliament he stood by his pledge that “money is no object in this relief effort.” I want communities who are suffering and people who see water lapping at their doors to know that when it comes to the military, when it comes to sandbags, when it comes to restoring broken flood defences, all of those things, money is no object,” he said. Cameron warned that a further 800 to 1,000 homes were at risk of flooding as the Thames rose. –Space Daily
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8 Responses to Storms, high winds batter flooded parts of Britain

  1. MarkJS says:

    The UK, especially England, is only an island. It may go under, sadly.


    • Hate to quibble, Mark, but the UK isn’t an island. It is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Great Britain is the island where you will find three countries, England, Wales and Scotland. Northern Ireland is a province rather than a country. Great Britain and Ireland are the largest islands of the British Isles.


  2. Tony says:

    I have thought about this because of what Eager Casey said about the UK going under water in blink of an eye. Maybe all this rain causes an enormous sinkhole to shallow up the UK. With all the strange things happening most anything seems possible.


  3. Debs Turner says:

    As a resident of Bristol UK I find that remark a bit throw away. It may feel like the UK is sinking but we’re not. We endured the 8 months of rain in 2012 and survived, I’m sure we can handle these persistent storms. At least it’s showing the chinks in the armour and where we need to improve sea and river defences for the future.

    In 2007 48,000 homes were flooded compared to only just under 6000 this time, so we must be better prepared! People are pulling together to help one another, not only giving money but more importantly time to help others that have lost their homes. It has brought out the best of human spirit and the news is filled with heart warming stories of people travelling hundreds of miles to fill sandbags to protect vulnerable properties.

    So don’t write the UK off just yet please, support would be much more appreciated.


  4. jade says:

    This spells the end times for poor old englandl. Sad sad day.


  5. Joseph Sonny Skies says:

    Hopefully the storm tracks will be changing soon as it is finally doing here in the USA.These tough weather conditions all around the globe is a chance for people to show love and caring. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry though when I see people writing that every aberration from what they think normal should be means complete annihilation. Alvin and friends in the UK, praying you can all stay safe. The only thing stopping us from being flooded in New Jersey is snow. We’re getting more soon and then the big melt starts.That will lead to some flooding as there is significant ice in the rivers.


  6. Angelicsapiens says:

    It is wonderful to see people coming together however the fate of Great Britain will be sad. The southern portion will sink into the sea. Also, a volcanic energy in latent state is at work in the heart of London and in course of time it will burst forth in the form of a volcanic eruption. The gulf stream changing course will cause the country to become extremely cold. The fate of Europe too will be similar.

    The new structure of the coming world will stand on bones and ashes. A type of civilisation based on spiritualism will spring forth in India and it will, in due course, become the world civilization. No country or nation will survive without spirituality as its base.


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