Alert level raised on Indoneisa’s Kelut volcano for second time in two weeks

February 12, 2014INDONESIAVSI raised the alert status to the second highest level 3 (out of 4), “Siaga” (meaning eruption warning) on Kelut or Kelud volcano. In its latest report, VSI informs that an ongoing slight deformation, suggesting magma intrusion, has been detected since September and that a strong increase in seismic activity started on 7 February. A seismic swarm occurred with hypocenters between 1.5-3.5 km depth beneath the summit area. The increased seismic activity triggered the decision to raise the status once more, after the volcano had put on alert level 2 already on 2 Feb. –Volcano Discovery
Kilauea (Hawai’i): (10 Feb) 32 earthquakes were strong enough to be located beneath Kilauea Volcano in the past 24 hours, including 21 scattered broadly beneath the summit caldera.
Mammoth Mountain (California, USA): An small earthquake swarm at shallow depths (around 5 km) occurred east of Mammoth Mountain during the past week. The largest quake was a magnitude 3.0 event on 5 Feb. This latest (of many in the past years) seismic swarm is weak in terms of number and energy of earthquakes compared to long-term averages of seismic activity at the Long Valley caldera, an active volcanic system that is capable to erupt (probably not in a near future, though) and is being closely monitored by very experienced staff from USGS. It could be related to a small intrusion of magma, but is unlikely to be a precursor of a new eruption in any near future. USGS has not changed the status code of the volcanic system (at green=normal). –Volcano Discovery
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6 Responses to Alert level raised on Indoneisa’s Kelut volcano for second time in two weeks

  1. Irene C says:

    I’ve been watching the earthquake swarm at Mammoth Mountain but I didn’t notice the ones at Kilauea. Both are ones we need to keep an eye out on.

    There was a big one in China today.

    BEIJING: A strong and shallow 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck China’s far western region of Xinjiang on Wednesday, but in a sparsely populated area, the US Geological Survey said.

    The tremor was only 12.5 kilometres (eight miles) deep but hit about 270 kilometres east-southeast of Hotan, the USGS said, in an extremely remote area.

    China’s Earthquake Networks Centre gave the magnitude of the afternoon quake as 7.3.

    Another tremor of magnitude 5.7 struck five minutes later, five kilometres deep, followed by a series of aftershocks of up to 4.2 magnitude, it said.

    “We were at the office at the time and felt strong shaking, the windows were rattling,” a reporter in Keriya county near the epicentre told state broadcaster CCTV, adding that few people lived in the mountainous area and there were no reports yet of casualties or damage.

    CCTV reported that Hotan was not seriously affected, while several people in the city told AFP they felt less than a minute of shaking.

    “The earthquake lasted less than one minute, it was not strong, there are no buildings collapsed,” said one resident by phone.

    An expert told CCTV that the affected area often experienced earthquakes but was thinly populated, so the impact was likely to be limited.


  2. Dennis E. says:

    Speaking of earthquakes…….. During our 72 snow/ice ordeal here on the East Coast, we also had a reported 2.7 earthquake on the NC Coast North of Swansboro,NC


  3. Christopher says:

    well kelut blew, reports say people heard the blast more that 100 miles.


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