Volcano in Ecuador causing crop shortage, rising prices

February 11, 2014ECUADOR After a week of eruptions, the Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador has damaged thousands of hectares of crops, leaving a feed shortage for 110,000 head of livestock. The volcano erupted on Feb. 2, sending an ash plume about 13 km high, followed by two other moderate-sized explosions that sent ash about five kilometers into the sky. Since then, the volcano has continued to erupt. The thick ash is coating crops and monsoon winds are causing the ash to spread around the countryside widely. In order to minimize the losses incurred by the volcano’s eruption, farmers have begun to harvest tomatoes, potatoes and corns before they reach maturity. According to local media reports, the spreading volcanic ash has led to vegetable shortages in some large and medium-sized cities in the country. In Guayaquil, the biggest city in Ecuador, prices for onions, corn and potato have risen for about 10 per cent, the report said. The Ecuadorian Geophysical Institute said that the volcanic activity is letting up gradually. Tungurahua is one of South America’s most active volcanoes. –Global News
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3 Responses to Volcano in Ecuador causing crop shortage, rising prices

  1. Tanker says:

    “Crop shortages and rising prices.” Although here in the United States we are not experiencing volcanic activity, we are having extreme cold, droughts, and a low supply of cattle for the beef industry. Some government and local municipalities are considering raising the price of water in some areas. Farmers and ranchers are struggling to feed and water crops and animals. Some areas are considering ways to truck in water for people to use. I would encourage people to get involved in their local government. Ask them what their plans are, do they have the resources to manage and handle disasters, can they manage until other resources are available. Smaller towns and communities are great but sometimes lack the expertise and knowledge to do the right thing secondary to the “good ol boy” system. It is always best to plan, and prepare, on our own. If things don’t change soon, we to will be seeing crop shortages and rising prices. Stay safe people, plan, prepare, succeed.


  2. bobby90247 says:

    NOW, this really…”BOTHERS ME!” Higher prices? Just what we need!


  3. L.Edwards says:

    The power of nature and the universe dwarfs anything humans can conjure up. Yet we think we’re oh so important to it all.


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