Store shelves stripped bare: Georgia ice storm could take out electric grid

February 11, 2014GEORGIAIf you’re an Atlantan making a last-minute grocery run, here’s hoping you love corn and asparagus. Because that’s all that left on most shelves as residents stocked up and hunkered down for what forecasters say will be a massive ice storm. Gone are the loaves of bread. The quintessential gallons of milk. The cans of beans and the beer. Just two weeks after a few inches of snow paralyzed Atlanta and embarrassed the state, both residents and government officials say they aren’t taking any chances. “I think we’re certainly ahead of the game this time and that’s important,” Gov. Nathan Deal told reporters Monday. “We’re trying to be ready and prepared and react as quickly as possible.” Deal declared a weather-related state of emergency for 45 counties in the state, well before snow, sleet and rain were expected to hit. The Atlanta Public Schools and a host of other systems across north Georgia announced they would be closed Tuesday and Wednesday. Even before the first raindrops fell, Jagannathan Santhanam had decided to throw in the towel.
“I will work from home and keep my kids home too,” said the software developer. “It was not fun, especially with family members stranded for more than 24 hours in different places during the last storm.” Charles Davidson also opted for a similar strategy. “My wife and I decided a few days ago that we were going to get groceries early in the day, and we’re going to stay in,” he said. “We’re going to stick around for the next two or three days.” It took Davidson more than 7 hours to get from Georgia Tech in downtown Atlanta to his home in Marietta, a northwest suburb. Because this is an ice storm, officials are especially concerned. The storm in late January dumped 2.6 inches on metropolitan Atlanta and shut down the city. This storm has the potential of knocking out the power grid. “When you’re talking about the amount of ice we’re looking at, it’s catastrophic,” Aaron Strickland, Georgia Power’s storm center manager, told reporters. “What will happen is that the ice will build up on trees, trees will come down and take down the power lines. … So it is an event that we are extremely fearful of, but we’re preparing (by) bringing in outside help at this time.” Snow, sleet and rain are in the forecast through Wednesday morning as temperatures plunge to the 30s. By Wednesday, ice on the roads could make driving “hazardous or impossible,” forecasters from the National Weather Service warned. –CNN
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12 Responses to Store shelves stripped bare: Georgia ice storm could take out electric grid

  1. How the climate is changing! Here in the south of England, we have double the average rainfall from previous years and hundreds of square miles are underwater. The banks of the river Thames have broken and thousands of people displaced. Only the Thames barrier will protect large parts of London this time.
    My wife is from Atlanta hence my visit. Good luck guys.


  2. jesusdidntgiveuponme says:

    I live in northern Alabama where we are currently getting snow. Every Autumn I buy emergency bags of dog & cat food, a couple cases bottled water, crackers & canned meat to put on them and an extra package of toilet tissue. (This is all set aside in case of winter weather. ) I’ve been keeping track of this storm for the past week. Sunday I did all my laundry and ran the dishwasher & ran to the grocery store for a few items. I don’t understand people who don’t stay weather alert & prepare for it (especially in the winter).


  3. Irene C says:

    This is why having a supply of food at home is always a good idea. I know too many people who buy just what they need and when things like this happen, they run out. I’m on a limited income so I watch the sales ads carefully. I store or freeze what I’m not going to need right away and if a time comes where I can’t get to the store, I still have food. I live in an area that gets a lot of snow and ice so I stay prepared.


  4. I am up in the mountains of Georgia right now… and I surely don’t want to lose electricity! I wasn’t aware of the danger of that. I woke up to snow. Have electricity. It says it will snow today and sleet tomorrow… then third day 45 again for a high. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll check the news.


  5. Jane Birkby says:

    It makes you wonder if the auraural arrays like HAARP and EISCAT are being used to geoengineer and create this doesn’t it?


    • Deirdre says:

      I wondered the same thing! Yesterday before the snow (I live in Chattanooga TN), I saw what looked like those ripply haarp waves in the entire sky. There are many days that go by that I never see blue. I am from Cleveland Ohio and was used to grey skies, but down here this beats all. We have snow falling. It’s slushy on the ground. But just 40 min away in NW GA, the roads were very slippery/icy (hubby works there), especially over the bypasses and bridges. I have lived in TN for 26 years now and this is THE first winter that we have had several days and consecutive days of snow. We had a huge snow fall in (92/93?) and then a couple years ago had a big snow. Yes be prepared, but also listen for the Holy Spirit. FATHER may be in the process of rearranging many things (that we should prepare our hearts for).
      Peace and blessings and may FATHER give us wisdom and understanding in these last of the last days.

      I am not expert here, but I think of the ‘false signs and wonders’ which the spirit of antichrist will display. Could this include weather warfare? Heck my Dad was telling me about cloud seeding that was happening back before I was born (1960s). And if you think of how rapidly technology has progressed in a short amount of time…makes you wonder! Alls I know is that the LORD is sovereign: if HE is allowing it, it is for reason. Stay close to HIS Spirit and endure till the end.



    • Anne says:

      Dear Jane, my thoughts also. Let us not forget our Creator, who through His prophets have been warning us of the dire consequences of living in sin and debauchery, ignoring God. Ann Barnhardt is heralding these messages to a sleeping population who has turned away from God.

      God is allowing these entities of destruction to awaken us, while the real Battle is taking place above us between Satan’s demons and God’s Holy Angels.


    • Ray Of Strength says:

      Jane Birkby is correct, there has been weather manipulation going on…to me, it seems obvious. Convenient how southern California stays relatively dry…that’s where the money’s at from well programmed consumers, they are nearly keeping this whole world economic order afloat.


      • L.Edwards says:

        Southern California has been TOO dry which has led to fires. -_- If weather control to keep the moneymakers safe is HAARP’s plan, they’re failing.


    • L.Edwards says:

      I knew someone was going to bring up HAARP. *shakes head*

      Do you realize that the Earth has had its fair share of wild weather patterns in its billions of years of existence? LONG before humans even came into existence, this stuff and worse was happening on this planet’s surface. Was HAARP responsible for those too?


  6. TLindemann says:

    You know, I used to think that the weird weather was from the PTB, re: HAARP, but this is happening all over the world. Our family missed a catastrophic flood, only to move to a new home where the rainfall in November alone was up nearly 200% in some areas. The cold experienced in some Central American countries was unprecedented. I now believe something else is going on. What is happening to the citrus industry as a result of the cold? Thanks.


  7. It was only earlier this year where the floods have hit the UK severely, particularly in the south of England leaving many homeless and personal belongings to wreck. Our rainfall seems to be ever increasing which of course concerning, you would perhaps expect this type of weather to hit smaller islands in south America or such but not ones near Europe.


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