Editorial message to the readers

Utopia the collapse
Message to the readers: The world is at a very worrisome crossroads and the pace of events that is eroding the health and general security of the world is increasing. We are on the eve of some very troubling times. A new arms race rages in the East. Economic uncertainly and market volatility threatens the welfare of the global economy. Nations are imploding one by one as their economies wither under the strain of crushing debt, mismanaged resources, increased corruption, and rising unemployment. Protests and civil disorder is now erupting worldwide and have become commonplace, as nation-states unravel in the chaotic fog of these new threatening and shifting paradigms. My new book Utopia provides a comprehensive analysis on why Earth’s systems are now decaying, and will soon rapidly collapse. The ensuing crisis will plunge Earth into a time of upheaval unprecedented in human history. If you have obtained the book, I thank you. Please share the message. If you haven’t obtained a copy, please try to do so at your own urging. I invite all of you to also browse the new blog to stay abreast of the latest striking developments unfolding across the globe. Utopiathecollapse.com
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20 Responses to Editorial message to the readers

  1. Irene C says:

    Anyone who has been following Alvin’s blog for any amount of time should definitely read Utopia. It is a realistic yet frightening look at how a society can and will collapse. Now, by frightening, I don’t mean you should be afraid, but if you have been reading and listening for any length of time, you will be prepared for what is to come. Combine that with the escalating rate of natural disasters happening all around the world, you will be able to read the writing on the wall. Societal collapses have happened before and they will happen again. Alvin has put it all together in a way that anyone can understand.

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  2. Christine says:

    I plan to get the book – and Thanks!


  3. Bill dennison says:

    To read this on this website is indeed worrying


    • Some troubling things are unfolding across the planet in rapid succession, while most of the world is sound alseep. These crisis events will quickly drain resources, precipitating much larger global issues. Every country now is experiencing record high levels of unemployment and crushing debt. It’s a game of dominoes and the stage is dressed for disaster.


  4. Thomas says:

    Is it not more important, just to start reading the Bible more!! In order to get one’s spirit closer to Jesus?? After all none of this, should realy be a surprise to anyone!! You would realy, have to be living in a box, buried underground for the past five year’s.Not to be aware, that YES we are living in the End Times!! It is written, in the bible, the people who dwell in caves,( all the bomb shelters), they will not even find safe haven from the earth, of end times! We all, are going to have to kneel down before the Good Lord! It’s time to get ready!!I realy do feel sorry for, anyone who does not have Jesus in their lives, these day’s! It’s past the time to repent…….Get as close to your God…..soon! Have faith…..


  5. Laurel says:

    Just ordered it. Third book from you……good work, alvin.


  6. Tony Sicola says:

    I wonder if the world unraveling is not being directed so that the “false savior” will fool people by fixing things for a sort while. The actions of leaders and governments seem to only make matters worst. From the Bible we know that all this horribleness will and is happening right now. Sometimes I wonder if we are a little like the Old Testament prophets, in that we know what is going to happen but no one listens. The recent actions of US local, state and federal levels to portray evil as good can be an indicator of why only few listen.


    • Those who know, won’t tell. Those who tell, don’t know…

      However, nothing happens in the economic world without someone knowing, orchestrating or benefiting from economic pandemonium


    • Herkimer Diamond says:

      No one is listening because we are being exposed to soft kill chemicals to dumb us down so we do not resist when the big crash comes. Just look at fast food companies put plastic and silicone in their food and tell us we are making healthy choices when we eat there.

      Just look at the amount of fluoride that is in tap water and chemical bug killers that are sprayed on crops and added to animal feed.

      I feel I have been cheated some how when it comes to my own health!


  7. hotstuff says:

    Alvin, your website is an absolute must-read on a daily basis to understand and see the fury of nature and the changing times we live in. A hearty “thank you”!

    May I also promote another website with outstanding commentary on today’s economic situation:
    http://theburningplatform.com. The website owner and administrator, James Quinn, is a senior director of strategic planning for a major university and has held financial positions with a the retail furniture chain, Ikea. If you want to see the actual state of our economic collapse, visit this website! Jim pumps out prolific articles almost every day that expose the corruption, greed, and outrageous behavior by the political and business elites.


  8. Dennis E. says:

    And yes, there is talk of an interim peace agreement in Israel as they give up 90 per cent of the west bank (Judea and Samaria) to form a new state. And also allegedly in the agreement is a plan to let current settlers in those areas to stay there, sell out and moved into Israel its self. There are people who are saying these are the people that Jesus was talking about when he said come down from the roof tops and flee and and pray that your flight will not be in winter.

    Also, in the agreement, The temple Mount will be shared but the muslims/jews and christians.
    Jews will bill 3rd temple.

    Main stopping point, Jews won’t split Jerusalem. Rumor that this might be a 7 year interim deal.

    Another rumor was that this was to happen by may 2014.

    Also, Tony Blair(EU) and Secy kerry(US) threatening to isolate Israel if it doesn’t comply…….
    Wouldn’t it not be interesting if Tony Blair turned out to be the Anti-Christ?

    Oh, yes, March/April 2014 time frame, 1st blood moon of four……

    the world is asleep………not paying no attention to that area…….


  9. Dave says:

    Any chance as an Ebook please?


  10. Stephen P says:

    Hi Alvin, perhaps you could post an article from the NZ Herald about Australia refusing to buy NZ goods. Bad omen for both those economies if NZ returns the favour.


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