1.2 million to evacuate if Japan’s Mt. Fuji Volcano erupts

February 7, 2014JAPAN A new evacuation plan outlined in preparation for a possible Mt. Fuji eruption would displace an estimated 1.2 million people. Two-thirds of the number, or around 750,000 people, come from the prefectures of Shizuoka and Yamanashi, while another 470,000 currently reside in Kanagawa. A UNESCO World Heritage site, 3,776-meter Mt. Fuji is an active volcano that has erupted many times in the past. It is situated between Shizuoka and Yamanashi prefectures, and also near Kanagawa. A hazard map for the volcano was prepared in 2004 and showed areas which are at high risk of being affected by volcanic ash. Notable areas in the three prefectures are populated with wooden houses, in which locals reside. Should the volcano erupt, these houses are at risk of being crushed under heavy volcanic ash that gets its weight after absorbing rain in the atmosphere. An estimated 406,000 people from Kanagawa, 62,000 in Shizuoka, and 1,000 in Yamanashi would be affected by heavy ash measuring 30 centimeters or more. A bigger number of around 8.85 million living in other areas of the three prefectures may have their health at risk with at least 2 cm of volcanic ash. While the direct effect of volcanic ash on the population varies on other factors such as wind direction, the Meteorological Agency may still issue a strict warning based on its observations and simulations. Meanwhile, an evacuation plan for when lava flows shows the area within the volcano divided into five parts, and dependent on the time the lava is expected to reach their towns. The current evacuation plan drawn does not include volcanic eruptions, which may happen after a major earthquake comes from the Nankai Trough in the Pacific Ocean. –JDP
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4 Responses to 1.2 million to evacuate if Japan’s Mt. Fuji Volcano erupts

  1. Sonja says:

    Mother Earth has been talking! We turn to scientist and religion for answers. When we don’t like the answer we turn to yet another explanation . When will we look in the mirror and admit our mistakes ? Will our decedents be educated on truth or fiction of truth based on emotions of a fraction of truth? And will the fraction of truth stop the distinction? We are killing ourselves but do nothing since the consequences are not severe in our life time. Seriously


    • Christopher says:

      It has been largely calm the past 100 plus yrs. so we as a race have not had to cope with perils as previous generations did. No this is not our fault, we’re just have to roll with the punches, and that evil men does not take advantage of the crisis, with I’m afraid many allreddy have.


  2. L.Edwards says:

    There is no such thing as ‘if’ with ANY volcano. It’s ‘WHEN’. These scientists tickle me when they say “_________ volcano has no threat at the current time.” Pfft. They can hardly predict the everyday weather accurately.


  3. Gary R.Croft says:

    Unfortunately,us humans are to the world as Crown of Thorns starfish are to the Great Barrier Reef in terms of voraciousness. We will never learn by our mistakes. And as David Attenborough said;”Human beings are the only animals that don’t learn from their mistakes”.


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