Quarter of Slovenian homes in the dark after ice, blizzards cut power

February 5, 2014SLOVENIAA quarter of households in Slovenia were left without electricity on Monday after a weekend of blizzards and very low temperatures wreaked havoc on power lines and roads, the national STA news agency reported. Leading daily newspaper Delo described it as the worst devastation in living memory. More than 40 percent of schools were closed and only about a third of those were due to reopen on Tuesday, STA said. It said the power cuts had affected more than 250,000 people, or one in four families, in the country. This prompted the government to ask for help from the European Union’s civil defense team in the form of power generators for the affected areas, the government said on its website. STA said generators were being urgently dispatched from Austria, Czech Republic and Germany. Farming Minister Dejan Zidan said ice and snow had damaged 500,000 hectares of forest, or roughly a half of Slovenia’s total forest area. –Reuters
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5 Responses to Quarter of Slovenian homes in the dark after ice, blizzards cut power

  1. John Paily says:

    With exponential increase in heat, Earth is heading to violent peak and fall of energy. Climate change is becoming abrupt and gaining power. This could lead to huge natural catastrophes – There are two choices; get destroyed or awaken to Truth and enter Golden Age – Though I post lot on huge natural catastrophes. I still have hope for this world. It is matter of awaking to the Principle and Design on which nature functions http://www.thecanadiandaily.ca/2013/08/30/part-1-knowledge-that-can-save-humanity-from-climate-catastrophes/


  2. Leon says:

    Yep.. We have serious situation here in Slovenia. Today we had first victim – electric company worker.


  3. jennifer says:

    A few days before Christmas, we a storm like this in Ontario. Hundreds of thousands of us were without power. Some were without power for over a week, which made cooking Christmas dinner a little bit difficult…. I was one of the lucky ones, and was only without power for 11 hours. Every street you turned down had massive trees down, some just left in splinters. I’ve never seen anything like it before. It looked like a tornado had blown though.


    • kennycjr says:

      I’m in the Twin Cities, MN. With the way our weather has been, sometimes I wonder maybe we should just move to Canada. Though sometimes I think we already are in Canada! Really don’t know what to think about about half of Alaska, even parts in the arctic being warmer than us. But least as hard as the winter has been here, it hasn’t really been terrible, seems it’s been worse around us, or in other parts.


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