Alaskan port cut off from road traffic after avalanches

January 28, 2014 ALASKA Road traffic to Valdez, Alaska, was cut off from the rest of the state after avalanches over the weekend blocked the only road into the coastal community, officials said on Monday. The highway to the town of about 4,000 residents was blocked after an avalanche in the Keystone Canyon on Friday, followed by another on Saturday, according to the city’s website. The Richardson Highway could be shut for a week or more while crews work to clear the road, officials said. Supplies were being brought by barge to the town, one of Alaska’s main seaports, which lies in a remote area of the Chugach Mountains. Officials have set up shelters and urged some residents to evacuate their homes as a precaution, according to the website. “There is plenty of gasoline and heating fuel oil in town to serve local needs during an extended road closure,” said a statement posted late Sunday. “Should fuel run short at any time, it will be barged in as needed.” Schools remain open in the town, as well as airport and port facilities, officials said. Valdez was recently named by as the snowiest city in the nation, with an average annual snowfall of 326 inches. –Yahoo News
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4 Responses to Alaskan port cut off from road traffic after avalanches

  1. niebo says:

    “Everybody woke up Friday morning and the mountains had fallen down around town,”

    Read more here:


  2. tonic says:

    Alvin. for reasons known only to you, you appear to be backing away from this site. Why would I say this? because you have stopped contributing. Outside of alerts this site is becoming a MSM news alert site ONLY.

    And I miss you

    So, not in anyway being patronizing, things do change in a persons life, and it follows so does their focus.

    Sort out whatever is happening, and then please come back.

    I miss the blue highlight of your comments. And I simply miss your wisdom.
    You have a very deep understanding of what is happening at this particular period of Earths history.
    And people like me, miss the blue highlights. You have trusted in God in the past, trust in him also in the future.
    Their is a whole bundle of love inside of you, release it.

    And Hey, I got all my spellings right.!

    If something is not as it should be, take a deep breath, and tell this God you speak about so often, that you leave the outcome to him.

    I have, as a parent of a cystic fibrosis child. And the outcome was profound.
    It has nothing to do with faith, or love, these are inbuilt, (acknowledgement of these can be a problem for a lot of people) it,s about trust in whatever outcome occurs.
    So here we go again;
    Just trust in God.


    • Unfortunately or fortunately, I have gotten much busier…as I always envisioned the work on becoming. There is simply more to tell to so many others. There are on-going projects in various development stages on several continents. Constrained by time, we have an urgent message that has simply expanded beyond our traditional venues. I’ve also written 10 books since we began over a two-year period, and that has a tendency to keep one busy. Yes, I miss being here more, as well and will hope to be more contributory in the future…Believe it or not; I doing more to give you guys more. I appreciate your heartfelt sentiment.

      Thanks for your thoughts, prayers and continual patronage.
      God bless you,


  3. tonic says:

    Forgive me?


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