11 Responses to The $23 trillion credit bubble in China is starting to collapse – global financial crisis next?

  1. C H E M T R A I L S says:

    Human greed at its best.


  2. C H E M T R A I L S says:

    By the way, if China collapses, their goods will become even cheaper.


  3. Erin O'Donnell says:

    Because of their past repressive political systems, they are new at managing credit ~ China has not had leader that loves the country, only those who use the people ~ I have sympathy for them and for us


  4. Dennis E. says:

    Question: The article mentions that part of the 14 trillion invested by Chinese Investors has been in the USA, Stocks, Bonds, Real estate…..If there is a Lehman moment in Asia as suggested by the Arthur, US Banks can repossess property bought by Chinese Investors thus kicking them out of the country.


  5. tonic says:

    Brilliant image.


  6. onthemark55 says:

    Economy/money transcends borders, destroy the economy/monetary system, control the borders, control the borders, control people, control people, control the world, control the world,control the goverment, control the goverment, control everything. Welcome, ONE WORLD GOVERMENT!!!!!!!!! Sound ridiculous? So does 85 people having as much wealth as 3.5 billion. Nothing to worry over as long as your 1 of the necessary 500 million worker drones. In 2014 we will fall, 2015 we’ll crawl, 2016 someone will come to save us all!!!!


  7. Large financial institutions are all in this together through their use of derivatives. I’m not confident that all the pieces are in place to in-fact collapse their financial system, though we’ve seen odd behavior from them several times recently which indicate there’s stress. If they go, we’re sure to follow. I do not give financial advice, but I’ll tell you what I did. Keep several hundred in small bills (try buying a gallon of milk with a $20 and expecting change when everyone else has $20’s – not happening) at your home. When ATM’s go out-of-service nationwide and debit and credit cards become worthless, you’ll be happy to have the cash around. There is evidence that a financial crash is possible this quarter. If you haven’t taken steps to prepare for it, you ought to do so promptly.


  8. Dennis Wayne says:

    There is another option that a country usually takes when financial mismanagement comes to a crashing end. That is probably why we are seeing a MILITARY build up in China.
    Check in on the extinction protocol all the time, keep up the great work.


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