Flu deaths double in California: emergency tent set up outside emergency room

January 25, 2014CALIFORNIA State health officials reported Friday that California influenza deaths this flu season have doubled to 95, with an additional 51 cases likely to be confirmed next week. That would put this year’s number of flu fatalities so far at 146. At this time last year, nine deaths had been confirmed, and only 106 were confirmed by the end of the season. “So far we have a much more severe season,” said state epidemiologist Dr. Gil Chavez in a conference call with reporters Friday. He said that flu activity in California remained “widespread.”” In part, the gap between this year’s deaths and the number of deaths at this time last year is because this year’s season struck early, Chavez said. However, this year’s predominant flu strain is H1N1 “swine flu,” which is more deadly than other strains. Seventy-five of this year’s 95 confirmed deaths were caused by H1N1, Chavez said.
Chavez said that the week ending Jan. 18 saw a decrease in hospitalizations and out-patient visits for the flu. He added that the level was still higher than expected for this time of year, and that it’s unclear whether this means that the peak of season has already hit. “It’s too early to tell … whether that’s the beginning of a reversal or just a temporary change,” he said. Chavez urged people to get vaccinated to protect themselves from the flu. The flu typically is most deadly among young children and the elderly. H1N1, however, affects young adults more severely than most other forms of the flu. Three of the 95 confirmed fatalities were children under 10, according to Chavez. The most recent was confirmed in Riverside County, and the two others were in San Mateo County and Los Angeles County. State epidemiologist James Watt said the majority of the young adults who died of the flu had other conditions that put them at risk, like obesity, pregnancy or underlying health issues. –LA Times
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15 Responses to Flu deaths double in California: emergency tent set up outside emergency room

  1. deborah says:

    Were all these cases tested for the type of flu they had, that is was it confirmed they actually had H1N1 by tests? Second had any of these people gotten that flu shot earlier? Third I would want to know what sort of chemical laden so called medicines were given to these people while under the so called medical care and what they took prior being under supervised medical care. BUT NO ONE talks about that do they. Why?




  3. George says:

    Here’s some information of whar’s in flu shots – http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=8IR4_0nK7gA


  4. Tom says:

    I would guess that at least SOME of these people with “flu-like” symptoms actually inhaled low doses of hydrogen sulfide, which is pluming off the Pacific Ocean (as well as many other bodies of water), and which also causes the same symptoms. Authorities don’t check for it because they don’t even realize it’s happening yet!

    see http://jumpingjackflashhypothesis.blogspot.com/


    2014-01-24 – Man, 23, found dead at home in Flagstaff (Arizona):

    Quote: “The friend told police Tillett smoked cigarettes but did not have a history of drug or alcohol abuse. He also said Tillett had been experiencing flu-like symptoms for the past few days and had been taking over-the-counter cold medications.”

    Note: Hydrogen sulfide poisoning can cause ‘flu-like’ symptoms: headaches, nausea, feeling hot, dizziness, difficulty breathing, etc. And then if you got a good enough dose, you eventually go into respiratory paralysis, stop breathing, and they find your corpse…


  5. Tricia says:

    I would like to know as well, was the flu shot effective against H1N1 this year? Anyone know?


  6. Shepherd says:

    True, people DONT ask the right Qs – or look at the right sources. You might check out H10N8 – new bird flu strain. Its killing people in China – and their pollution crosses the Pacific in the clouds and falls as rain – along with radiation from Fukushima. cidrap.umn.edu/news-pe…-first-human-case-h10n8-avian-flu

    there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in various places.
    Matthew 24:7


  7. Diana Shugar says:

    They’ve weaponized the H1N1 strains.


  8. Dennis E. says:

    We really do not know how bad it is really is nation wide. But with the advent of Obama care and reports of some hospitals closing, we really could be for a rough time.


  9. nancy Caswell says:

    I also would like to know if they had the flu shots?,we opted to go without. if you do get the flu,take Monolauren-600 and vita C. we had this flu.We are both under 50,thank God that my mom.91 yrs, did not get it! the Monolauren-600 3x combined with at least 500mgs of vita C 3 times a day should greatly help with the duration and punch of this flu,Be well all..


  10. Joseph Sonny Skies says:

    It should also be noted that for the most part California has had rather warm weather this winter…Not sure if that could have something to do with it but it makes me wonder if it will suddenly blow east as spring weather begins in middle of February this year.


  11. JerseyCynic says:

    thanks for that tip, Nancy. NAC along with vit. c has worked wonders for me

    did you hear about this interesting study?



  12. dubb says:

    And these things are just the birth pains. Is the new pope the false prophet? And if
    Who will be the leader that he ushers in to bring about the end of days? My bet is

    A german.


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