California governor declares drought emergency

January 18, 2014 CALIFORNIAIn what could become one of California’s biggest crises in years, Gov. Jerry Brown declared a statewide drought emergency Friday, an action that sets the stage for new state and federal efforts. The governor also wants to focus Californians on the possibility of water shortages. “All I can report to you is it’s not raining today and it’s not likely to rain for several weeks,” Brown said in a news conference in San Francisco. On Thursday, the National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center forecast below normal precipitation for two-thirds of California through April. Brown’s proclamation allows California to request a broad emergency declaration from President Barack Obama, which would expedite some water transfers, provide financial assistance and suspend some state and federal regulations. The situation in most of California and northern Nevada is extremely dry, according to the most recent report Thursday from the U.S. Drought Monitor, a federal website that tracks drought nationwide. Almost 99% of California is considered abnormally dry or worse; almost two-thirds of the state is in extreme drought. 2013 became the driest year on record in California; San Francisco had the least rain since record keeping there began during the gold rush of 1849. For the past few weeks, Golden State lawmakers and California residents have been urging Brown to make the drought official, a situation made clear with bleak news from the first Sierra snowpack measurement of the season Jan. 10. The northern Sierra has a snowpack that’s only 8% of normal for this date, according to the latest measurements released Thursday from the California Department of Water Resources. The central Sierra is at 16% of normal; the southern Sierra at 22%. Last year at this time, snowpack was normal or exceeded it.
The mountain snowpack, while a boon for Lake Tahoe ski resorts, also acts like a reservoir during winter and early spring, providing the state with its biggest and most reliable water supply. Brown is urging voluntary water conservation to the tune of a 20% reduction. But he stopped short of saying such a reduction should be mandatory — for now, at least. “We ought to be ready for a long, continuous, persistent effort,” including the possibility of drinking-water shortages, he said. “I think the drought emphasizes that we do live in an era of limits, that nature has its boundaries.” The chairwoman of the state Senate’s Natural Resources and Water Committee sees the problem as an opportunity for the state to change the way it deals with water. “With a hotter and drier future, we can’t duplicate water policies of the 20th century to address challenges of the 21st,” Sen. Fran Pavley, a Democrat like Brown, from Agoura Hills in Southern California. “We need to be resourceful and create new water supplies with cost-effective, sustainable strategies.” Brown’s executive order directs state officials to offer extra help to farmers and California communities by allowing water managers to move water more quickly to rights-holders. And it qualifies agriculture interests for federal programs meant to help with unemployment and financial losses. Most of California’s farmers rely on irrigation to grow hundreds of crops including broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, celery, melons, lettuce and tomatoes year-round that are shipped across the USA. Some growers have had to leave fields fallow as their water allocations have run dry, affecting crops and jobs. Across the state, agriculture is responsible for more than three-quarters of California’s water use, according to a 2009 UCLA report. –USA Today
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26 Responses to California governor declares drought emergency

  1. Wendy says:

    Here is what I see for parts of the coast in Ca. FLOODS! They will come and destroy!!!! So will the sea. It will come in further than ever…….
    It’s how things work now.


  2. richfish30 says:

    Yet they still are watering their golf courses and beatiful gardens in Beverly Hills constantly!


  3. lisa lehrmanbon says:




  4. Joseph Sonny Skies says:

    There has been a huge upper air high pressure over the eastern Pacific that has fed very cold air southeastward but that means it is also bringing warm air northeastward into Alaska and far western Canada.This leaves California high and dry. Seems like we have been getting more high amplitude upper air weather patterns instead of zonal flows. I have to wonder if the large magnetic pole shift has much to do with it. As reported in this story the snow pack was fine last winter because the polar vortex was more deeply entrenched over Europe the last two years allowing a more zonal jet stream flow from west to east over America. This brings more storms to the west coast. Hopefully as spring approaches and the lunar tides change the storm pattern will be changing also…Of course like they say..It never rains in southern California but man it pours!


  5. Brandon says:

    Just a typical dry, 70 degree winter out on the west coast. Nothing to see here.


  6. moriah says:

    I live in California and do not remember in all my years here a January with weeks in the 70’s. I walked to shul this morning and there were hundreds of birds in the trees at 8:30 am singing thinking that maybe spring is here. Bizarre. I’m looking at these days not enjoying the warmth. It is 70 now – what will it be in June?


  7. Yvonne says:

    It’s a way to manipulate the water to farmers they choose. They made central Ca a dust bowl years ago because of a endangered blind fish. Small farmers are in trouble.


  8. Ross says:

    Well Mr. Brown it looks like the Geo-enginering program is working perfectly! See how good chemtrails are we don’t have to worry about flooding in California.


  9. Diana Shugar says:

    Psalm 107:33,34 He turneth rivers into a wilderness, and the watersprings into dry ground; A fruitful land into barrenness, for the wickedness of them that dwell therein.


  10. David says:

    I am sorry. I am not a scientist nor am I an idiot. I live in central California At 1400 feet above sea level about 30 miles north of Yosemite as the bird flies. I have watched and even photographed the chemtankers dumping their stuff into our skies for the last five years now. They have wicked up our moisture and are either storing it atmospherically or are dumping it elsewhere. Water will not even penetrate the dirt in my yard. The trees all around don’t look like winter is here they look as if the life has been zapped out of them. The two reservoirs by my house are down to rivers now. The chemtrails have NEVER been heavier than they have been the last several weeks. I could go on forever but I won’t. All people have to do is look up. But yeah. With friends like these folks, who needs enemies?


  11. David says:

    I live in Ventua Co. Ca, they have been chemtrailing daily in my area for months. Sometimes up to four going all day. Makes me wonder if there is a relationship to our dry and windy weather. Santa Ana’s generally last a few days. We’ve been having them for weeks.


  12. Jim Randall says:

    Off topic. Earthquake of 6.2 shook lower part of North Island this afternoon (Mon.20th Jan.)


  13. Dennis E. says:

    There is going to be an exodus from this state as some people are saying and the water situation
    here should not be dismissed as a “their” problem. There are are simmering water wars now between several US States.

    Recommendation: We all need to learn how to filter rain water to drink……….in the future


    • nogods says:

      You wont be able to drink the rain water, it’ll be full of fukushima radiation.

      The west coast will either die from drought, or radiation fallout. Either way, get your bags packed.


  14. Rumplestiltskin says:

    This is not the first drought California has suffered through and it won’t be the last. Californians must make some serious decisions though. Watering the desert to grow oranges, fruits and nuts may have to go so that humans can use the water to stay alive.

    While this will be a sad ending for all those wonderful grape, nut and fruit orchards being put in, they should have known that if they cannot pull enough water from wells to water their trees, and a drought hits, their orchards will die a quick death, as young orchids with shallow roots do suffer droughts easily. Old orchards with larger trees are more apt to suffer the drought without too much damage as their roots are much much deeper.

    The San Joaquin and Sacramento rivers water the bread basket of the western United States in California’s center valley, and the states legislators cannot stop the water flowing to those farms and orchards, but there is a larger problem brewing, which I suffered through in the Seventies drought, which was that not enough water was being let out of the Shasta Dam, thus lowering the water levels in the central Sacramento delta area, and thus millions of people were warned against drinking the water because is far too salt laden, because the San Francisco bay water was moving up into that delta where we had our water processing plants. I had to let all my yard plants die, including my lawn. People were having green food collering sprayed on their dead lawns to at least make them look green.

    This drought may be worse, and if it is, the central valley will suffer greatly as the farms and orchards will die thus creating food source problems.


    • niebo says:

      “. . .Thus creating food source problems.”

      Indeed, that is the concern of some of us who are half the country away: without the “year-round” crops from CA, what will the result be on the availability of food?


  15. James says:

    I live in the East Bay from San Francisco. Normally this time of year the hills are green and the first signs of spring usually start happening. Not this year though. The hills are brown, the yard is brown, and fruit trees are starting to flower which is about a month and a half early. We are very dry and warm. Unless things turn around this spring with some serious moisture, there are going to be severe water restrictions for the rest of the year.


  16. Gail says:

    There’s plenty of water here in New England. I read that New England has the most favorable environment for farming in North America. The farms were moved out west due to the vast amount of stone walls in New England. During the 18th century, farmers were required by law to surround their crops with stone walls, i.e, beets had their own enclosure, carrots had their own wall, so forth and so on. When tractors were invented, it was impossible to drive them through the heavily stone walled New England farms. Thus, farming was moved to the West. New England has the most water in the world and more stable weather.


  17. And does the lack of rain have anything to do with the very, very heavy spraying of chem trails?


    • Joseph Sonny Skies says:

      Hi Barbara! Yes. But they are not chem trails, they are con..[ short for condensation ] trails. When the weather is warm there is more moisture in the air at many levels of the atmosphere. The colder air above can not hold as much moisture as the warmer layers below and reach their saturation point even with very little moisture. Aircraft engines do let out a small amount of moisture as they operate and when the atmosphere is already near the saturation point that tiny bit of water vapor will condense into clouds. Sometimes the condensation trails quickly evaporate because there is some sinking air coming down from colder and dryer levels above but sometimes they linger for a long time because there is a constant moisture feed at that level of the atmosphere..usually between 25,000 to 35,000 feet above the surface.
      If you like you may want to check out photgraphs from WWII of military aircraft bombers in flight that often showed condensation trails behind them. Definitely not chem trails back then either.
      You might be wondering; If there is enough moisture up above to form these condensation trails, as well as other cirrus cloud formations, then why no rain? That is because the atmosphere over the eastern Pacific ocean is very stable over the last few months, which means the dryer air is staying low and the more moist air is staying above and around the dome of sinking air. This type of situation brings very warm temperatures as the dry air warms quickly but the moisture above acts like a blanket at night. Hope this helped with your question!


  18. After reading the above comments in regards to the loss of fruit trees, grapes, etc., it seems that the very food we eat every day will be impacted as a result of the drought. Veggies, fruit, meat will be more expensive, if they are available at all. Seems terribly grim to me. Today, I can taste the chemicals from the “clouds” above – very heavily covered in Santa Barbara.


  19. bobby90247 says:

    The ONLY other time, there was ever a “drought” in California, was in the 80’s. AND, that was a “CROCK” also!

    There is NO drought in California. Just ploy for the Governor and “his” gang, to TAX us even more! And where will the “extra” tax go? Into “their” pockets.

    FYI…Back in the 80’s, Los Angeles County (besides the rest of the State) had it’s longest run below level “rains”…per se’. We were 8 years into the so-called…DROUGHT! At that time, the Los Angeles Riverbed was dry as could be! Just a “trickle” of water running through it. However, what the majority of the people don’t know, is that the Los Angeles River IS AN “UNDERGROUND RIVER!!!” The actual width of the river is five miles wide. Two and a Half miles, either side of the suface concrete-lined river bed, but underground!

    The Los Angeles River, passes FIVE HUNDRED ACRE FEET OF WATER TO THE PACIFIC OCEAN EVERY HOUR…PERIOD!!! In the Eighth year of the 80’s drought, this river was “STILL” passing FIVE HUNDRED ACRE FEET OF WATER EVERY HOUR!!!

    AND, just for the record, ALL of the water feeding the Los Angeles Aqueduct, is from underground water sources…PERIOD! “IF” their is a shortage of water feeding this aqueduct, then it is being siphoned-off for “other” purposes!

    This “drought” thing…IS A “FARCE!!!”


  20. King says:

    End-time warnings??? End-time prophecies coming true, slowly??? Earthquakes, famines, droughts, etc., etc.??? Dead cold in the north, this 2013! Can’t remember when our Christmas was screwed up like this 2013, last time!!! Who knows…maybe these are all man-made. But something fishy is happening all around, right? Verrrrry fishy…or may be FARCE, who knows.


  21. Mick Russom says:

    This is ust the police state using a manufactured and self inflicted emergency for grabbing power. The CA and Federal government waste half the water for environmental trash projects. This creates a false shortage and allows them to control We The People by threatening to cut off our water. They also love this to drive the price of food up so they can better control what the Nanny Government wants us to eat.


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