The 7th Protocol: new 2014 edition

7th Protocol Ad
                               Look for the new revised 2014 edition on Lulu and Amazon
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7 Responses to The 7th Protocol: new 2014 edition

  1. Irene C says:

    Cool. Since I never read the first one, this is a must-have for me. 🙂


  2. The planet was called Meroz in the Bible. Sumeria called it Nebiru, one of the many names of Marduk. An early history called it Anzu, destroyed by Ninurta. If you run the names in Codefinder, you’ll find them together in English. I don’t know about whether that happens in Hebrew though. My calculations for the return of the Destroyer rendered the period 1908 (Tunguska) to 2013 (Chelyabinsk). So perhaps it has passed. And perhaps what’s important to remember is the indeterminate nature of the Kozai Mechanism! Best regards on your work!


  3. mtnwolf63 says:

    Iron Meteorite Widmanstatten Patterns: Fragments of the core of a destroyed planet!

    Henbury IIIAB Medium Octahedrite Meteorite Widmanstatten Pattern


  4. skywaker says:

    mmmm yes indeed , the asteroid belt is the remains of a planet which was ripped apart by the great destroyer . the planets name was tiamat , all evidence was published a few years ago in a book called ” when the earth nearly died “.
    blessed be


  5. No name No pack drill says:

    Got it – read it – loved it. Now if only your other books could be put in ebook format, I’d buy them too. Thanks in advance.


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