Growing unrest reported at Peru’s El Misti volcano: 418 earthquakes

El Misti VolcanoJanuary 17, 2014 PERU The volcano experienced an earthquake swarm during 14-15 January, IGP reported in its latest bulletin. An increase of approx. 25% in seismic activity overall with respect to last year’s average was calculated, but IGP stresses that this activity is still low and does not suggest new activity in a near future. According to the report, a total of 418 seismic events were recorded during the first half of January, most of them during the swarm that occurred on 14-15 Jan when almost 120 quakes were registered within 17 hours. From these events, 144 were so called long-period quakes (internal fluid movements), 269 volcano-tectonic earthquakes (internal rock fracturing) and 5 short pulses of tremor (internal vibration). El Misti, which is only 17 km from the center of Arequipa city, is one of the country’s major and most active volcanoes. Due to its closeness to a large city and its history of explosive eruptions, it is also one of the most dangerous volcanoes in South America, and clearly one that deserves being closely monitored. The volcano last erupted in 1985. –Volcano Discovery
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