22: Eruption of Shyhzerli volcano causes earthquake in Azerbaijan

January 17, 2014AZERBAIJANI Eruption of the Shyhzerli volcano – one of the most active and largest mud volcanoes in Azerbaijan, occurred due to an earthquake, head of the Mud Volcanoes Department of Geology Institute of Azerbaijani National Academy of Sciences (ANAS), Professor Adil Aliyev told Trend on Jan. 17. “The earthquake, which occurred at about 18 kilometres away from the volcano towards Shamakhi caused eruption of the Shyhzerli volcano. An earthquake occurred two or three days before the eruption,’ the scientist said. The earthquake and the eruption did not occur on the same day, but sometimes such cases happen, Aliyev said. “For example, 15 minutes after the Shamakhi earthquake that destroyed the city in 1902, there was a strong eruption of the Shyhzerli volcano. Such strong earthquakes result in the volcano erupting the same day. Volcanos may also erupt a day or two days after, when the seismic wave reaches it. We have found out that the volcano itself should be ready to erupt, there should be enough energy. The earthquake simply contributes to its eruption,” the scientist said. Currently the situation at the Shyhzerli volcano is stable, Aliyev said and noted that with the eruption the accumulated energy spilled out. In 2013, two strong eruptions were registered in Azerbaijan – the Akhtarma-Pashaly volcano in Hajigabul district erupted in April and the Shyhzerli volcano in Gobustan district erupted on Dec. 20. The Shyhzerli volcano has been erupting periodically since 1848, last year’s eruption was the 23rd, the head of the department said. –Trend
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1 Response to 22: Eruption of Shyhzerli volcano causes earthquake in Azerbaijan

  1. Irene C says:

    Well, for the good news. We were reaching 28 at this time last year. Probably doesn’t mean anything, but I thought it was interesting.


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