Sinabung volcano (Sumatra) – eruption increases again, large pyroclastic flows

January 14, 2014INDONESIA After a few days of deceiving calm, the eruption of the volcano intensified again today and produced the so-far largest pyroclastic flows, reaching probably more than 5-6 km in length, and associated ash plumes that rose to approx. 25,000 ft (8 km) altitude. It seems that the previous dome which grew at the summit of Sinabung, collapsed a few days ago, leaving a large crater breached on the side where the earlier pyroclastic flows had gone down. The temporary absence of a lava dome in the past days led to the cessation of pyroclastic flows. Now, the new dome has again surpassed the boundary of the breach and sheds pyroclastic flows into the deep ravine below. On the other hand, a strong increase in SO2 emissions and hybrid earthquakes indicate that a larger new batch of new magma has risen, which also explains the new more vigorous activity. –Volcano Discovery
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3 Responses to Sinabung volcano (Sumatra) – eruption increases again, large pyroclastic flows

  1. Irene C says:

    How dangerous but how amazing that would be to see. If only there were no people living there.


    • Beano says:

      There are 350,000 people within a 30 kilometer diameter of Sinabung.
      Just Northeast of Sinabung at a distance of 50 kilometres as the crow flies there is a major city with a population of around 2 million with a further 3 million around it.

      Vulcanologists are not ruling out a major eruption here, At least one has described Sinabung as the most current dangerous volcano on earth.
      Don’t rule out a Pinatubo sized eruption or greater.

      The pyroclastic clouds are increasing in run out every day. Even as I write this I have checked the webcam and a major flow is occurring.

      There is a fairly large sized town at a distance of around 12 – 14 kilometers directly in the path of the currently occurring flows. I would suggest that this will need to be evacuated in the near distant future.


  2. Mindy Noltze says:

    My question is…. how is this going to affect the rest of the world? What can we expect in weather, or other natural devistations?


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