7 Responses to Four years after earthquake, many in Haiti remain displaced

  1. Mike (UK) says:

    Sadly I believe Haiti to be economically and environmentally unsustainable with its current population. Possibly aid agencies and governments feel the same and can make better use of their limited resources elsewhere? “No longer economically viable” is a phrase often used in this modern world.


  2. tonic says:

    Haiti is a sobering example of what can occur in any country, when disaster strikes. Does your country have any resources that the rest of us need. If not, then recovery will will have little support outside of humanitarian.
    Horrid, but true.
    Let the government do whatever…it can afford.


    • Justin Case says:

      Haiti was a disaster before the earthquake. Again, all of the money raised, humanitarian aid, right into the pockets of the corrupt government.


  3. DrMikePT says:

    What happened to the relief effort from UNICEF and the Red Cross?? Oh yeah… They pocketed the donated funds as their salary Marsha J Evans Red Cross CEO yearly salary was $653K/year and Caryl Stern UNICEF CEO yearly salary was $1.2 million/year. Thanks for donating everyone!


  4. Libertarian says:

    The government of Haiti is dishonest and corrupt . Your aid money would probably end up in the hands of these oppressors. Take a good look. This is where we are headed.


  5. suez62 says:

    Very sad. But a comment. It always amazes me, how in all the pictures of these things, the people always appear so very clean!! How is that???


  6. To live in poverty and being poor does not mean that we neglect the body and hygiene. During my travels in the Third World, I saw poor, but always clean people.


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