Japan scientists to create ‘controlled’ nuclear meltdown

January 11, 2014JAPAN A team of nuclear scientists in Japan said Thursday they plan to create a controlled reactor meltdown in a bid to learn how to deal with future disasters like that at Fukushima. The Japan Atomic Energy Agency said it was working on a project using a scaled-down version of a reactor which they would deliberately cause to malfunction at a research facility in Ibaraki, north of Tokyo. “We want to study exactly how meltdowns happen and apply what we will learn to help improve ways to deal with severe accidents in the future,” said a spokesman for the government-backed engineering agency. The meltdown project, which will begin sometime in the fiscal year that starts in April, will use a small fuel rod that that will undergo a very rapid fission process, the spokesman said. He said it will be the first such experiment to be carried out by the Japanese agency, although similar projects have been done in major nations with atomic power such as the United States and France. The Japanese public has become keenly aware of nuclear safety since a 9.0-magnitude earthquake in 2011 triggered a killer tsunami that swamped the cooling system at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. The plant went through meltdowns and explosions, spewing radioactive materials over a vast farming region and making parts of the area unfit for human habitation for many decades. The planned experimental meltdown will not be designed to analyze how the Fukushima accident happened, the atomic energy agency’s spokesman added. –Space Daily
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11 Responses to Japan scientists to create ‘controlled’ nuclear meltdown

  1. Talk about the Blind leading the Blind ! They haven’t got a clue have they?


  2. This is madness! Only Doctors Strangelove could conceive of such a thing! They are going in entirely the wrong direction. All nuclear power plants need to be shut down; they do not need a new planning session for when this happens again as they obviously know it will eventually. Madness. Madness. Madness! JWC


  3. greg gore says:

    How utterly Stupid……….They can’t control the one that’s already causing major problems……..But yes …lets cause further damage….who votes these RETARDS into office?


  4. merky says:

    It makes more sense that this is being done to help figure out what to do with the three reactor cores that have gone china syndrome and are still doing it.
    If a solution is not found wont humans become extinct amongst other things ? what happens to two or three ? cores burning their way through the planet ?????


  5. Nonnie Loest says:

    How about NOT???


  6. niebo says:

    “Ok, dudes: Now that we have, you know, like, poisoned half the world with our on-going “Pandora’s Box” Fukushima meltdown “radiation mill”, maybe it would be fun AND smart (cuz we ain’t stoopid!) to build, like, a miniature “pretend” model reactor and miniature fuel rods and create, like, a miniature “model” meltdown so that we can learn how to undo in “pretend” what we have already done, for real. Yeah? Maybe we can even build a miniature island, a miniature Pacific, and a miniature California, where we can build, like, a Barbie Beachhouse and study how Malibu Ken and Barbie get fried by the crossdraft of the cataclysm. Yeah, and we’ll call it, “Replicational Radioactivation”, so it sounds cool and fun and skolarly-like. Yeah. Hey, who’s got the bong?”.


    • tonic says:

      Learning how to control a nuclear meltdown. Sounds very sensible. And you have a job for life, and one you can pass on to your son and daughter and their children. Plus over the generations you will have lots of data available from other parts of the Earth, only problem will be staying alive for 200,000 years to monitor the after effects of nuclear waste disposal.

      But science advances everyday and if we are really lucky it might come up with a way of reusing this stuff in the future. Nuclear waste is about the only lethal produce we have, that science has to catch up with. And ironically it created it.


  7. Ed Lenhart says:

    Chernobyl melted down and. It’s core is melting toward the center of the Earth. So Japan wants to do the same thing on a smaller basis for only one reason to try and predict the outcome of the inevitable the nuclear raction and melt down of over 4 tons of fissionable material.


  8. mtnwolf63 says:

    A “controlled” meltdown??? What could possibly go wrong???


  9. david says:

    They are playing war games when there is a war going on.


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