The Extinction Protocol Radio – January 18, 2014


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15 Responses to The Extinction Protocol Radio – January 18, 2014

  1. H Parks says:

    Whenever alarming things are mentioned by people, other people say they are harbingers of fear.
    I do not look at it that way at all. To, me, if it can happen – it will.
    Being warned about a disaster is being armed with knowledge to be prepared for it.
    Mother Shipton said ”three sleeping giants” will awaken.
    I see these as Yellowstone, the Serbian Basin (Etna, Vesuvius etc) and possibly Toba although there are other choices.
    The beginning of all of this is when Mt Pelee goes – this is the first (or last sign depending on how you look at it) according to the texts hidden by Nostradamus with another line saying
    PALL NOT PASS PALENQUE, so saying contained to the Northern hemisphere.


  2. The Indonesians appear to have got it right with the Sinabung eruption that was more or less up to the Plinian Vesuvius eruption, so having plenty of trained Science people is one way to not have so many dead to bury.


  3. bob says:



  4. Nkosazana says:

    But what time of day please?


  5. Vigil says:

    Been wanting to listen to your show since you started it up but have missed every time due to time-zone differences. are you able to upload on YouTube by any chance? so everyone who missed it could listen 🙂


  6. eebus says:

    Is there any way to catch the show after it has aired? Are they saved anywhere? I checked the “on demand” section of the pctvnetwork but it is not there.


  7. DebbyS says:

    I clicked on picture yesterday and your link today and the site seems most interested in telling visitors about PAC 10 baskeball. I’m sure someone will be thrilled about that. Me, I’m more interested in supervolcanos, but a search of that site home page for “ext”[inction] or “supe”[ervolcano] come up with nothing. 😦


  8. Katie says:

    I have tried to get to your show, but the picture and the link end up on the home page of I have searched through there and cannot find the show. Is there a direct link to your show, and not to the home page of where it’s hosted? Thx


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