Kangaroos, emus, parrots drop dead, as Australia sizzles in record-breaking heatwave

January 10, 2014AUSTRALIAAnimals are collapsing and falling down from the sky as Australia continues to sizzle in record-breaking temperatures. After news of 100,000 bats falling from the sky, reports of kangaroos “fainting” because of exhaustion and scorching heat have circulated in the country. A large number of kangaroos, parrots and emus were reportedly found dead in Winton, one of the hottest spots in Queensland. Winton Shire Council chief executive Tom Upton stated the deaths of animals had as much to do with the prolonged dry season and the heat wave. Hunters claimed to have seen groups of kangaroos staying near waterholes to cool down and seek relief from rising temperatures. Australia’s weather bureau has recorded a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius in the sparsely populated Pilbara region on Jan 9. According to historical records, the highest recorded temperature in Australia was set in 1960 with 50.7 C in Oodnadatta in South Australia. Weather experts say this record may be broken in the coming days if current temperatures continue to rise. Temperature records across Australia have already been broken in the past few weeks with the heat wave’s onslaught. Australian Bureau of Meteorology Climate Monitoring Manager Karly Braganza stated that the delayed arrival of a monsoon in northern Australia is contributing to the sweltering heat. The monsoon is said to have a cooling effect in the region. Mr. Braganza added global warning as another contributing factor to the ongoing heat wave.  
The heat wave in Queensland, Australia, caused 100,000 bats to fall from the sky to their deaths. The RSPCA reported seeing thousands of bats in 25 separate colonies, which were found dead on the ground in southern Queensland, including Boonah, Gatton, Laidley, Mt. Ommaney, Palmwoods and Redbank. The Scenic Rim Regional Council has ordered a massive cleanup to collect the bat carcasses since the stench is beginning to bother locals. Residents near Athol Terrace lookout in Boonah said they have been agonizing over the smell of dead bats for four days. Queensland Health has advised residents not to touch the dead bats. Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young stated that bats should be left alone to avoid the risk of infection with lyssavirus.  The southern hemisphere’s high temperature is in contrast with the deep freeze in some parts of North America caused by a phenomenon known as the polar vortex. –IBT
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9 Responses to Kangaroos, emus, parrots drop dead, as Australia sizzles in record-breaking heatwave

  1. Buddy says:

    Earth crustal displacement maybe ?


  2. Joseph Sonny Skies says:

    “In contrast with the deep freeze in some parts of North America caused by a phenomenon known as the polar vortex.” I really get annoyed when the media latches onto catch phrases and spew it out continuously. The polar vortex is not a phenomenon. It is simply the continuous circulation of wind around the polar regions of the Earth. It is there every day of the year!


  3. Faye Brown says:

    Oh my goodness … I pray for the CREATOR‘s mercy, guidance and deliverance ..


  4. SM says:

    Its ALWAYS that hot up there… In fact, I know older people who have spoken about 55 degrees out that way. This is nothing unusual as far as I can tell.
    Here where I live…in the far south of Oz, where its basically a desert…its been OBVIOUSLY cooler than it usually is. In Dec, we had perhaps 3 days over 30!! Last week, I lit the fireplace it was so chilly.
    Global warming…? lol
    “Climate change”, perhaps is a better approach. A natural change in climate


  5. George says:

    Heat wave are not an unusual occurrence in Australia, Mr Braganza should perhaps check wether the Earth are really warming up and if so what are the cause of it? is he aware the Sun has flip polarity? that could be a reason, as the beginning of January we have been bombarded by massive solar flares. Tv stations never mentioned this event.


  6. The northern polar vortex is only present when the Northern Hemisphere experiences winter. When Pacific warmth is so strong that it can push the cold vortex over the top of the world to spill down the side of N.Amer., something is responsible. Here in NE Penn, we have had a high of 50 degrees, followed 2 days later by a low of -6 degrees, followed 4 days later (today) by 50 degrees again. Just crazy.


  7. JD Guerra says:

    On January 7th a large solar flare ejected towards the Earth and Astronomers issued warnings that the flare would and did disrupt radio communications and other wireless systems on earth. Right on time on Sunday/Monday took note of static and disruption of my wireless and radio units. Solar research Astronomers in the past have put forward the evidence that such flare impacts also impacts weather systems and consequently temperature on earth. Environmental scientists have dismissed solar astronomers even though environmental scientists know little to nothing about how solar radiation efects the solar system. Here in Australia the solar flare coincided with a High weather pattern and so for the third day this week we have heat wave. Why is it that environmental scientists refuse to accept that solar and indeed galactic radiation is also an important factor effecting the earths biosphere? Genetic biologists have demonstrated that galactic radiation has a mutating effect over large expanses of time on biological evolution that is the DNA of life on earth. Is it not time that environmental scientists pull there head out of the Dark Ages when man thought the Cosmos revolved around the earth and what man did on earth effected the heavens? In truth, it is the other way around.


    • Faye Brown says:

      JD … I also had been noticing that when certain scales of solar flares are scheduled to enter earth’s atmosphere .. that for a few days afterwards, temperatures elevates and often have an oven like feel to it .. summers are worst …


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