Mysterious lights that signal earthquakes explained by scientists

January 4, 2014 GEOLOGY – Mysterious lights that occur before or during earthquakes have been noted by eyewitnesses for centuries but, until now, have baffled scientists. In one example from 1727, a man from New England reported how he felt the ground shake then saw a ball of light roll onto his dog, causing the animal to yelp. In Peru in 2009, a fisherman said he saw the sky turn violet before the earthquake, while in L’Aquila in 2009, a man saw white flashes before the tremor struck. Researchers writing in the publication Seismological Research Letters have now put forward a theory about this mystery glowing, which takes place in geological rifts when the ground is being torn apart. The authors looked at several studies about earthquake lights to propose a mechanism for why they occur, Nature magazine reports. They compiled all the reports of earthquake lights from 1600 to date, focusing on 27 earthquakes in the US and 38 in Europe. Of the 65 studied, 56 earthquakes occurred along ancient or active rift zones. A further 63 took place where geological faults that ruptured were almost vertical – many fault lines have much smaller angles. Lead author Robert Thériault, a geologist at Quebec’s Ministry of Natural Resources in Quebec City, said: “Earthquake lights are a real phenomenon – they’re not UFOs. They can be scientifically explained.”
John Ebel, a geophysicist at Boston College in Massachusetts, explained why there have been problems studying this phenomenon in the past: “It’s just not a regular area of scientific inquiry, because there’s no way to do an experiment on them.” In the study, the authors say that during an earthquake, the rocks grinding against each other generate electric charges that travel up along the fault lines. When they reach Earth’s surface, they create a glow. They believe the steep geometry explains the earthquake lights. Team member Friedemann Freund, a mineral physicist at the NASA Ames Research Center in California, believes a chemical process causes the lights. “When the stress of an earthquake hits the rock, it breaks chemical bonds involved in these defects, creating holes of positive electrical charge,” Nature reports. “These ‘p holes’ flow can vertically through the fault to the surface, triggering strong local electric fields that can generate light.” However, Ebel said there are a number of other reactions that may be responsible for these mystery lights: “It makes enough sense, but that doesn’t mean that it’s right.” Thériault added that while they have not yet got a definitive answer about the lights, awareness of their presence could help as a warning sign for earthquakes. –IBT
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19 Responses to Mysterious lights that signal earthquakes explained by scientists

  1. Interesting Post, personally I had not heard of this before so was interested to read more


  2. Fr. Duffy fighting 69th says:

    BS. It is HAARP, end of story.


  3. Kaos says:


    Sunspot 1944 Watch
    Below is an updated image of massive sunspot 1944 on Friday. The active region continues to rotate into a more geoeffective position, has a complex Beta-Gamma magnetic configuration, and spans the size of over 1000 millionths. A number of low to mid level C-Class flares are being observed around the cluster on Friday morning. There will remain a chance for stronger M-Class solar flares during the next 24 hours, along with a lower threat for a major X-Class event.



  4. Mike Jones says:

    HAARP in action?


  5. Debbie says:

    Dose anyone else see the face looking down from the clouds?

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  6. Louise Page says:

    I have observed this phenomenon and/or observed many photos of such.
    Apart from feeling that ions (in a positive or negative state); electrical, chemical and physical ‘energies’ emitted from earth movements; water vapors emitted from faults and other earth movements interacting with properties in the atmosphere may also cause a rainbow affect above the location of a ground disturbance (fault shift etc.).
    Included in personal observations, I have noticed distinctive vertical clouds arising in various places along fault lines after an earth tremor/EQ. These vertical clouds aren’t very long lived.
    Yet another observation of mine (and has been witnessed by, e.g. scientists/observers in China, Japan, Chile etc.), other cloud formations in the shape of an open fan, where at it’s narrowest point, can be seen arising from the ‘ground’ at an EQ focal point and splaying up and out (fanning out) into the atmosphere. These can be less vertical in nature, with a tendency to spread more horizontally as they enter the atmosphere.

    I have been an ‘observer’ of these sorts of phenomenon (precursors and post-notes) (and have been mildly ridiculed for such sometimes) for over 40 years now and I am glad mainstream science is trying to study these curious occurrences. Though the observations of these things is as old as ‘time’, to have the studies and observations of those (e.g like some Chinese, Japanese etc., observers and scientists and those folks in our distant past) possibly being appreciated for their knowledge and observations is terrific.

    Observing these (some as) precursors may only avail some of a short time of being prepared for an impending EQ/tremor, but at least this information may go on to save many lives.
    Tuning into Nature’s messages and signals, and recognizing when ‘she’ is trying to ‘tell us something’, is an invaluable science in itself.

    Peace and safety to all 😉


  7. It’s unfortunate that the photo has nothing to do with the topic. The image is of irisation in icy cirrus clouds.


  8. Edward West says:

    This is off topic but, could you give more (daily?) info on the Fukushima nuclear disaster? Also, is it true that U.S. President Obama has warned all U.S. media to not report on this disaster?


  9. Dave Neff says:

    This looks like a sun dog to me which is like a rainbow. Sun dogs are cause by light reflecting on ice crystals in very cold air. This frequently occurs when a big drop in temperature occurs. Sun dogs are straight lines usually on opposite sides of the sun. I am not saying that the article is wrong however.


  10. Moco says:

    So Haarp does work.


  11. James - Sydney says:

    I remember before the Sichaun earthquake in 2008 in china there was a video uploaded onto YouTube by a local of the area showing the strange cloud formations (exactly what you see above), these clouds were seen 10 minutes before the earthquake

    Video (sorry Alvin if I am not allowed to link external sites)

    Also, before the Christchurch earthquake (video not as defined as the Sichuan link)

    This was 6 years ago, and i remember when the first video was uploaded, people (including those that I spoke to) were so quick to brush it off as “nonsense” and “conspiracy theorist garbage”

    Alvin, has it come to a point were those of us that are aware enough to see what is going on with the world, from all facets and angles are simply waiting for the impending change (catastrophe, end of days…whatever you want to call it) because it has come to the point where even if there was an overnight paradigm shift in the attitude of every living person on the planet as to the route we are taking…..there isnt enough time to put on the emergency brake?

    Can we only wait for the change to happen….and try to sort out ‘life’ after that?

    I can feel it deep within my ‘bones’…..something is coming….and the world isnt ready for what is about to play out


  12. bobby90247 says:

    Yeap, “clouds” DO have an eerie color to them “just” before an earthquake…occurs.


  13. kennycjr says:

    I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss this rainbow phenomenon as HAARP-related. Is there any clear evidence that the lights that appeared before HAARP would have been in effect were rainbows?


  14. Willow says:

    This bothers me to no end… An explanation to something that more than less will take their time to research and study…

    This is not what is happening… Yet many will take this explanation and believe that this is the truth and the holy truth so help them… god…

    These are manipulations produced by human control… They are not fabrications of nature… Nor are they kin to time past.. Yet more and more people are lead down the road of fabricated truth… Taught by what information is handed to them..

    There is so many things that are happening to our atmospheric world not many are privy to understanding the nature of what is really happening…

    The electro magnetic world we live in within the here and now goes beyond the knowledge of what is taught to us.. The electrical “natural” lay line grid is beyond what many can understand or know because this lesson is perposly left out.. This is because if most truly understood how, why, where, and when… Our means and nature of believing we need the grid we all live with would be absolute…

    Magnetics is the key withing all energy and purpose of certain things all over this planet… Yet this is kept from the masses.. Only because there is power is the unknowing of information…

    Many of the happenings such as the rain bow clouds are manmade.. Only explained as natural… All things are electrical.. Even the human mind is too.. Yet with the human mind.. We are taught that we are chemically unbalanced… Wrong!!! Wrong!!! Wrong!!!
    The imbalance is electrical.. And this is happening more and more because of the electronics we use today.. Some people cannot handle this.. Certain people have more of an ancient connection that is embedded within their blood line, or genetics..

    Silica is strong within these people.. Water is the strongest connection that bonds them to knowing and receiving information.. Yet this is another topic for another discussion..

    Have you ever wondered why or the means of spraying our skies… There is more than meets the eye within this tactic.. And this goes beyond weather.. This subject has many hands within the workings and implications of use..

    Anything and everything you ingest.. Changes your genetic code… Throught generation we have witnessed the change in generations.. Thing is when you look at this with a scientific mind of what is going on behind the man in the curtain so to speak.. Is not truly the information that is given to the public…

    It hit me like a brick the day a meteorologist brought up that this chaft the chemtrails that are part of geo engineering is lead to the public as to help the global warming effect… And make any and all weather effects easy to tract… Well… Yes.. This is proven and true… Thing is… You breath this in… You ingest this too… Not only can this hand over information of populations… But this too is easily manipulated just as our weather is too…

    SSSS Another topic for another discussion yet this too is entwined within this topic… It’s a means of manipulation beyond what many can conceive to be.. It’s a form of manipulating others with an unseen factor that others cannot have tangible proff except for the proff of information youa must dig for.

    The clouds shown here are only kin to our generation going back 30-40 years… How easy it is… Just as the new clouds we all are accustomed to a never exsited before… Yet are taught that they have always been and ways will be..
    Want more information or care to debate this information please email.. If this page gives the info on those commenting..


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